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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Should "I'm Just Playing My Character" Incite D&D Violence?

 "I'm just playing my character" is a phrase often said to excuse behavior that messes up a #dnd game. But how to determine if it's acceptable or not? And is this an #OSR / #dnd5e conflict?

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

RPGPundit Reviews a Batshit Old RPG

 "Man, Myth & Magic" is not what it advertises, but it's just too ridiculously crazy to even hate. Check out just how nuts it is in my hilarious review.

Sunday, 3 January 2021

On Running a Really Long Campaign

 Where I talk about the tricks to run a really long D&D, OSR or ttrpg campaign, and also talk about my newest book: World of the Last Sun, and the 8-year long campaign that spawned it!

Monday, 28 December 2020

The World of The Last Sun is now Available!

 Newly released: World of the Last Sun!

A weird gonzo-fantasy setting featuring locations, weird races, lore, random generators, equipment, drugs, encounters, skyships and more, for your #OSR or fantasy #ttrpg campaign!
In PDF, Softcover or Hardcover!

Get it now!

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

SJWs Want D&D To Be Furry Cosplay Therapy

 The state of Wizards' D&D in the future will look less like traditional #dnd and more like self-esteem therapy for already-narcissistic spoiled children who want to feel "special" for doing nothing. 

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Inappropriate Characters TONIGHT 7:30pm Central

 Tonight, at 7:30pm Central, check out our special Christmas episode of Inappropriate Characters!

We'll be talking about the latest #dnd #ttrpg & #OSR news and controversies! 

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Dark Albion Overview!

 An in-depth look at my Dark Albion medieval-authentic fantasy #OSR #ttrpg setting!