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Monday, 20 October 2014

Uncracked Monday: Back in Town Edition

So Buenos Aires was a remarkable trip.  I love it every time I go there, but right now, if you're a tourist with US dollars it's freaking paradise.  I've come home with shitloads of new clothes (right now, for example, you can get designer shirts from as low as about $15, with Dior shirts costing under $30).  A tailored suit can be had for less than $250.  Electrical appliances that cost $80 in always-expensive Uruguay I saw on sale for about $20 there.  Fantastic three course gourmet dinners can be had for about $15.  And of course, I brought back shitloads of tobacco.

All of this is due to the economically ruinous attempts of the bumbling Argentine government to artificially control their currency (to maintain their illusion that the government still has things under control); where the official exchange rate is $8 pesos to the dollar, but the "blue" dollar on the black market (though its not much of a 'black' market, you can get money changed at any news kiosk at this point!), is at $14.50 pesos per dollar.

Anyways, if you have a chance to go to Argentina, you should do it now. I literally got four times my trip price back in savings from purchases there.

Meanwhile, for today's uncracked Monday link, let's look at an interesting article about futurism, what has been lost in terms of civilizational confidence in the future, and differing views of how to restore that confidence.


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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Buenos Aires is Lovely in the Spring

And,thanks to the terrible economic policies of the Argentine government, ridiculously cheap for foreigners.

I will be back on Monday.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Thursday, 16 October 2014

And Now: Lords of Olympus October Sale, Too! (New Art-focused Preview)

So, if it wasn't enough to get Arrows of Indra for a low, low price (on PDF),  now it turns out you can also get Lords of Olympus at a big sale price, from Amazon.

And note that this is not just any Lords of Olympus,  it is the deluxe FULL COLOR edition of Lords of Olympus.  This is by far (through no fault of mine, but rather thanks to Precis Intermedia) the PRETTIEST RPG I've ever had a hand in making, and I think I include 5e in that list.
Lords of Olympus Color Edition is so amazingly pretty that people who bought the black & white edition and later saw the color version went out and once again bought an otherwise identical book, just because the color edition is so much nicer.

Here's some samples, though really, the images on a computer just don't compare to the production quality on paper:

And right now, you can get it for $37, with FREE shipping. That's a huge discount!

So yeah, make October the month you stock up on RPGPundit products!


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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Golden Age Campaign Update

In the last adventure, the war ended in Japan as well, but not before the PCs desperately tried to intervene to get the Japanese mystery man Kung to try to convince the Japanese Emperor to give up the fight.


They succeeded in turning him, but Kung failed in his mission, and the rest is atomic-bomb history.

Meanwhile, the PCs also heard of how the very first US soldier in Berlin was also the last US soldier to die in Europe during wartime. He died saving a child from a landmine, and those who knew him might say it'd be almost impossible to imagine Sgt. Frank Rock in a world at peace.


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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Arrows of Indra October Sale!

Today, while we all still ponder over the mystery and wonder of that maximum authority of all RPG thought known as "Trevor", I wanted to point out to everyone that Arrows of Indra, the awesome old-school RPG of Epic Indian Fantasy, is going to be on sale until the end of October.

Check out the preview video:

Yes, you can now and for a limited time only purchase the Arrows of Indra PDF for only $4.99!  I'm sure that wherever he may be, Trevor would approve.


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Monday, 13 October 2014

Cracked Monday: Free Consultant Advice (Recommended by Trevor!)

Today, a bit of free advice to all of you from a highly-successful RPG Consultant:  if you want to do a kickstarter for your game or game-related product, look at these guys, and then avoid doing almost everything they did.   They are a case-study in how to get it wrong.

There is of course the missing part there, which involves how they engaged in a (now-mostly-deleted) idiotic verbal-fistfight with a known OSR blogger who did a certainly-not-favorable but entirely-accurate review of their project.   So we have to add that to the mix: engaging in a hysterical attack on a professional blogger/reviewer.

The travel mugs? Bad idea.
The excessively grandiose plans? Bad idea.
The whole thing is an example of people who could desperately  have used a good RPG Consultant (my fees are very reasonable, you know).

But the funniest part to me, the part I can't stop cracking up about, is this quote:
"The most addicting and exciting adventure played in the last decade" ...Trevor S.

Who the fuck is Trevor?! This is hilarious! "Recommended by Trevor" should totally become a thing now.
For fuck's sake, they apparently had gotten Ernie Gygax on board in some capacity (though after these guy's fight with Tenkar, Ernie's handler Benoist came out to say that Ernie no longer supports them).
But at one time, he did. And while in my opinion Ernie Gygax is as significant as in RPGs or worth listening to as, say, Lisa-Marie Presley is in music, at the very least the dude has fucking (secondhand) name recognition borrowed from his dad! 
But NO, they looked at the options and said "well, we could put some blurb of recommendation from someone with 'Gygax' as a last name... or we could go with TREVOR!"
And so they went.

Dude, Trevor.


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