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Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Hard-Hitting Interview

Today we suspend the normal programming so that we may instead direct you to the Dyvers RPG Blog, where you will find the author of said blog interviewing no less a figure than myself!

And let me tell you, the guy does not pull punches with his questions.

So go see it!


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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

DCC Campaign Update: Bad Choices Edition

In this past adventure, the PCs unexpectedly encountered:

-a highly successful Phylactery Spell, only to have the elf who cast it left wondering where to safely put his new-made soul-crystal.

-the first of a series of bad choices, the elf handing over his phylactery to his ultra-powerful ultra-selfish archmage patron. 

-in the second in a series of bad choices, the other elf faking his way into the Azure Order.

-the order sending its newly-made member off to investigate reports of woodland animals acting in strange and violent ways, driving out the local mutant communities.

-An encounter with a frantic Brown Mutant, the last of his tribe not to have fled or died at the hands of the Crazy Forest Druid's army of woodland mammals, plus one duck.

-After brief initial skepticism, confirmation of the woodland terror when the party is set upon by a highly organized guerrilla assault from vicious Electro-Squirrels, even as the party's horses go out of control... well, their riders' control, at least.

-the frightening possibility of being total-party-killed by a bunch of squirrels.

-the one PC who fled the scene ending up facing a beret-wearing Revolutionary Bear.

-said PC fortunately remembering the old adage about playing dead when confronted with a bear.

-said PC unfortunately committing the third bad choice of the night, choosing to forget the prior adage to try to use Chill Touch, to little effect... other than being beaten unconscious by the guerrilla bear.

-the fortunate survival of the rest of the party, meanwhile, thanks to the timely application of the Pythian Sword's Sonic Blast.

-the group's luck running out when the party suffers a surprise attack from Ninja Badgers.

-in the fourth of a series of bad choices, the elf taking up the Pythian sword from the slain human wizard, the ultra intelligent mind-controlling sword that he already knew despised rogue Daemons and chaos wizards.

-said sword then manipulating the elf, through a freely-taken magical oath (in what constitutes bad choice of the night number 5) to try to go find and kill the elf's patron, a rogue daemon chaos wizard... the very same one that has the elf's soul in a gem.

-a planewalk to said patron's personal domain, in what might almost certainly have been a very fatal bad choice, were it not that the luckiest fumble of all time freed the elf just long enough for his Patron not to have to destroy him utterly.

-the patron granting forgiveness, in the most asshole-ish way possible, through a binding geas on his elf-servant, sending him on what may well be a suicide mission. 

-in relation to the same, the shocking news that the Daemon Mistress of All Dragons, Tiamat, is apparently mortally wounded in her own lair, assaulted by some powerful and terrible entity from the void beyond the limits of the universe.

-the geas mission, to be resolved as soon as possible (which is to say, after the Crazy Druid and his revolutionary army of Anarcho-Syndicalist Woodland Animals are defeated), consisting in destroying whatever attacked Tiamat... and then also destroying Tiamat.

-meanwhile, the other elf, now a prisoner (with a few others) of the Crazy Druid, finding that the Druid is controlling the woodland creatures through a strange and terrible mammal-controlling gem that he has had bio-implanted right into his chest. 

-noting that the duck, however, is not controlled (not being a mammal).  He is out to start a humanoid-animal apocalyptic war for his own sinister purposes.

-in the sixth really bad decision of the night, the prisoner-elf deciding to use his time to make a bond with a totally random patron.

-getting the Lord of All Flesh as said Patron, partly due to his membership in the azure order; which, it should be remembered, was done only as an opportunistic act of fraud.

-the rescue mission conducted by the Azure Order, where perhaps for the first time the PCs see what the Azure wizards are really capable of, with just a dozen of them taking on an entire army of vicious wolf shock troops, badger ninjas, beaver engineers, electro-squirrels, guerilla bears, and, of course, the Evil Duck.

-an epic escape from woodland custody, where salvation comes only when the Azure wizard Leandra (with the help of her sorcery, and her laser sword) takes down the Crazy Druid and shatters his hold over the forest animals.

-the apparently resolution of this week's crisis, with no one still alive having been left without at least some regrets.

-a shocking and terrifying denouement, after everyone thought all the horror was over, of a vicious night assault from the Evil Duck, who had survived his Druid ally's death and came after the PCs in a mission of vengeance.

-the conclusion that Ducks are the total assholes of the animal world.


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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

RPGPundit Reviews: The God-Seed Awakens

This is a review of the DCC adventure module "The God-Seed Awakens", which is described as a "pulp adventure for the DCC RPG".  It's written by Paul Wolfe, and published by Mystic Bull Games. It is described as an adventure for 4-6 players of 3rd level, although I think with a bit of tweaking it can be used for a level range a bit further down or a bit further up from that.

The book itself is a softcover, with a very impressive colour cover of a suitably pulp-fantasy image; of what looks like an act of human sacrifice of sorts, some robed figures leading a woman to the edge of a precipice with a massive alien dragon-like creature apparently set to devour her. 

The interior has various pieces of impressive black and white art, mostly of the unusual creatures found in this module.  The book is about 50 pages long, if you count a couple of pages of ads at the back.

So the basic idea of this adventure is that a type of 'living seed' from beyond our dimension has begun to infiltrate this plane; it is part of a trans-dimensional world-tree, but rather than some benignant Yggdrasil or something, this tree is more like a weed that ultimately destroys any reality it gets its roots into. Meanwhile a pair of incredibly powerful beings from a previous world ruined by the god-seed had been brought along to this reality, originally subjugated to the purposes of the god-seed, but they managed to escape their captivity and now, though horribly altered by their experiences and potentially dangerous themselves, seek to destroy their former captor.

All of this is happening in an underworld area, and the adventure presumes that the PCs will head into those caves to investigate; some rumor tables are provided in an appendix to provide potential plot-hooks for the PCs to go.

As is my usual policy in these matters, I'm not going to go around giving away specific details, for the sake of "spoilers".  Instead, I'll try in very broad terms to talk about the good and bad points of god-seed as a module.

First, as a general preface it should be said that, in my opinion, this dungeon-adventure is quite weird.  If it was for any game other than DCC I'd say its Extremely Weird, maybe Too Weird, but DCC is (in my opinion) pretty much MADE for "weird".  And this adventure delivers in that sense.

One byproduct of this weirdness is that the author introduces a very significant number of creatures and entities, all of which are not really immediately relateable to standard fantasy elements, and all of which have fairly unusual names ("Shaloth", "Achari", the Tokar, Akavala, etc.).

In terms of good, I'd say that God-seed is incredibly original; I don't think I've seen an adventure quite like it, and if your players are getting a big bored of fighting orcs, this is certainly going to give them a view of a whole different set of fauna and challenges.

I should also note that this is the kind of adventure that will be HIGHLY lethal to a party that just charges forward and seeks out indiscriminate combat.  It's definitely set up to work for groups that focus on caution.

On the whole, I'd say this is an extremely creative module.  It won't suit every campaign, that's for sure. But if you're running a suitably gonzo DCC game, it'll be worthwhile for you to check out God-seed.


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Monday, 20 October 2014

Uncracked Monday: Back in Town Edition

So Buenos Aires was a remarkable trip.  I love it every time I go there, but right now, if you're a tourist with US dollars it's freaking paradise.  I've come home with shitloads of new clothes (right now, for example, you can get designer shirts from as low as about $15, with Dior shirts costing under $30).  A tailored suit can be had for less than $250.  Electrical appliances that cost $80 in always-expensive Uruguay I saw on sale for about $20 there.  Fantastic three course gourmet dinners can be had for about $15.  And of course, I brought back shitloads of tobacco.

All of this is due to the economically ruinous attempts of the bumbling Argentine government to artificially control their currency (to maintain their illusion that the government still has things under control); where the official exchange rate is $8 pesos to the dollar, but the "blue" dollar on the black market (though its not much of a 'black' market, you can get money changed at any news kiosk at this point!), is at $14.50 pesos per dollar.

Anyways, if you have a chance to go to Argentina, you should do it now. I literally got four times my trip price back in savings from purchases there.

Meanwhile, for today's uncracked Monday link, let's look at an interesting article about futurism, what has been lost in terms of civilizational confidence in the future, and differing views of how to restore that confidence.


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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Buenos Aires is Lovely in the Spring

And,thanks to the terrible economic policies of the Argentine government, ridiculously cheap for foreigners.

I will be back on Monday.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Thursday, 16 October 2014

And Now: Lords of Olympus October Sale, Too! (New Art-focused Preview)

So, if it wasn't enough to get Arrows of Indra for a low, low price (on PDF),  now it turns out you can also get Lords of Olympus at a big sale price, from Amazon.

And note that this is not just any Lords of Olympus,  it is the deluxe FULL COLOR edition of Lords of Olympus.  This is by far (through no fault of mine, but rather thanks to Precis Intermedia) the PRETTIEST RPG I've ever had a hand in making, and I think I include 5e in that list.
Lords of Olympus Color Edition is so amazingly pretty that people who bought the black & white edition and later saw the color version went out and once again bought an otherwise identical book, just because the color edition is so much nicer.

Here's some samples, though really, the images on a computer just don't compare to the production quality on paper:

And right now, you can get it for $37, with FREE shipping. That's a huge discount!

So yeah, make October the month you stock up on RPGPundit products!


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