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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Traveller Campaign Update: I Don't Want to Live in This Imperium Anymore Edition

The PCs started the session happy to be back on the run chased by the entire Imperium.  That was after, at the end of the last session, the PCs took the most secret, guantanamo-bay style political prison the Imperium had, and did this:

They also now had absolute confirmation that the Ancient known as Grandfather Paradox was living inside one of the team's mind.  Which is a bit like this guy:

Like, right after regeneration. So occasional bursts of utility mixed with long periods of unconsciousness and babbling incoherence.

They also still had to break out one of their members, "Dr." Jones, who had been taken to an Even More Secret Compound (also inside the hull of a ruined ship, because the Imperium will never be accused of great creativity) under suspicion of being a Zhodani spy.  He was busy being examined by the very limits of what probe-technology could discover:

While they were rescuing, Insane Grandfather-PC led the other half of the party to a secret treasure horde of impressive Ancient items, including disintegrator guns, a strange radioactive device that Grandfather claimed is essential, and transparent super-armor space suits that are vastly beyond anything the Imperium has in terms of survivability, wearability, and resistance.  One of the team, "the professor" insists on wearing his with nothing underneath.

The PCs, having generally adopted an "I don't give a shit about anything anymore" attitude, get out of the system mere hours behind the Imperial fighters chasing them, which was not hard given they're flying the Traveller Universe's equivalent of the Millennium Falcon.  They head to the nearest most lawless planet they could find, which is a radioactive wasteland on the surface populated entirely in underwater dome-colonies.

They manage to stay just long enough to sell the gold they got in the Ancient haul for a ridiculously good price (all the native gold on this world being radioactive), make the most essential repairs and stocks they need for the Starhunter, and  buy every last weapon they can find in this rapidly-decaying TL7 shithole.

Next, with the Navy still right on their tail, they hightail it out of the Imperium, into Vargr pirate space, seeking the planet where the Master is soon to be regenerated.  If they can't stop him, he'll kill every Ancient-uplifted race he can find (including humanity) and then conquer the Galaxy.  At least, if you believe Grandfather.

At this point though, the majority of the PCs have come to the conclusion that the only number of acceptable living Ancients in the galaxy is precisely zero.  If they can cut it, the plan is to murder both the Master and Grandfather.


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