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Friday, 10 August 2018

Inappropriate Characters, Episode 5!

Yes, we're back with Venger Satanis and Grim Jim for another episode of Inappropriate Characters!

In this episode:

-We talk about Gencon's SJW infiltration and the violent assault on Jeremy Hambly

-We discuss the growing mainstream popularity of D&D

-Grim Jim tells us about his interview with Vampire-creator Mark Rein-Hagen, and how Rein-Hagen is pissed off at SJWs calling him a nazi

-I talk about my feud with Jonathan Tweet

All this, and Venger's wife let's him stay up slightly later than usual!

Check it out!:


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  1. I love these videos, but man, you've gotta do something about the audio. If multiple people are talking at the same time it completely garbles all of them.

    Maybe instead of streaming video of your books, you could just upload a picture of them and use that as an avatar? I doubt it would solve the problem, but it might save a bit on bandwidth.

  2. Is there any way to get just the audio? I can't watch the videos.

    1. You "can't" watch the videos, in what sense?

      You can't access Youtube?

      Or you don't like video?

      I mean, there's nothing you need to 'watch' in this video. You can just play it and have it off to the side and just listen to it.