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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

RPGPundit: Still Huge in Germany

For reasons inexplicable to me, the Germans seem to really like me.  Maybe its a philosophical kind of thing?

In any case, my old original RPG "Forward... to Adventure!" (which is still available for sale, and still, even 7-8 years later, keeps bringing me royalties) did better in Germany than almost anywhere else (I don't know if sales from Germany actually outstripped U.S. sales, but you get what I mean).  It was so popular, in fact, that a major German RPG forum created its own FtA! subforum for a time, after obtaining my permission to do so.

Now, Aktion-abenteuer has published an interview they did with me; its available in English and German, and you can find the English version here.

As the type promises, we talk there about my RPGs, about 5e, about Consultantgate, the OSR, and much more!

So check it out.


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