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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Wild West Campaign Update: Wedding Edition

It's a bit hard to figure out how to write up this session.

For starters, Kid Taylor's kid sister Lily caused a huge commotion trying to get Miller to marry her. Miller wanted nothing to do with it, but this got him into some very public trouble when a poor choice of words made it sound like he was propositioning her to an illicit non-marriage relationship.

This in turn led to the consequence of Miller's long-time beau, the Widow McKnee, deciding that they would now have to marry to avoid any hint of scandal.

That in turn led the Mormon Gambler to ask Miss Becky, the saloon girl he'd been courting for some time, to marry him.  This would eventually require them to visit his family in Utah, and for her to at least nominally convert to Mormonism.  She accepted even so.

Miller was not happy at all about the idea of marrying a late-sextagenarian who had outlived 4 previous husbands.  But he'd been stuck with her for a series of increasingly terrible mistakes.  As a wealthy and well-connected town dowager, she was useful to his early career and fortune in Dodge, and later he found out that she was actually Doc Holliday's aunt.  Meaning that if he broke her heart, he'd probably end up with a bullet through the head. Now, a scandal caused by Kid Taylor and his equally-crazy sister Lily meant he was going to be stuck with the widow until one of them died.

Things got even crazier at the Bachelor's party, when David the mexican showed up brutally beaten. It turns out there were two men asking about the Mormon Gambler, who they had mistaken for a famous bandito named McClue. The two men are apparently the spitting image of each other, and this wasn't the first time this had happened.

On top of it all, they ended up kidnapping McClue's fiance Becky.

Luckily, he was in a room with all of Dodge City's lawmen and several of its most dangerous criminals, most of whom were only half-drunk.  They planned an ambush.

What followed was a gun fight, that devolved into a knife-fight, that devolved into a wrestling match in the snow. By the end of it, one of the two men (brothers, it turns out, who had come to avenge the death of a 3rd brother at McClue's hands) was dead, and the other brutally injured.

None of this dissuaded the progress of the wedding, and finally, Miller and McKnee were wed. Becky was rescued, and in spite of her ordeal still wants to marry the Mormon Gambler.

And even Lily Taylor is making progress, having now turned her girlish wiles toward Ed Masterson, in the hopes of winning herself a husband that will have all of the Mastersons' growing influence in Dodge, with none of Bat's bad habits.


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