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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Anti- Lion & Dragon False-Accusations on Quelle Surprise!

So, "Tangencynet", the land of Totalitarian-Leftists and Bitter-Non-Gamer Swine, actually has a thread about Lion & Dragon. And of course, it's full of people (most of whom haven't actually read the game) shitting all over it. And of course, the one guy who liked it and dared to say so on got a one-week ban for his wrongthink choice.

Take note for future reference:
Trolls: "theRPGsite is just as tyrannical as rpgnet!!"

RPGnet: Bans a guy for publicly defending a game on a thread about said game.

But there's one poster who's gone out of his way to shit on the game, and of course he/she/it chose Gender as their attack mode. How, you ask? By making the most negative possible interpretation of the section on gender in L&D.

It's just fucking ridiculous. They take the section where I explain all the ways you can incorporate women adventurers in Lion & Dragon without taking the white-washing option of just having medieval-ren-faire world where gender relations are identical to 2017 Seattle/Portland, and pretend that instead I'm somehow saying "No Girls Allowed".

I quote this piece of shit:

"Author just letting us know that this is a boy's club, with a few token ladies around. Imagine reading this aloud to a majority female gaming group. Whats the point? Some women have to play male characters to be true Albion?"

I suppose it wouldn't matter for them that at any point in the history of my original Albion campaign one-third to one-half of my players were women, because those dumb women obviously don't know anything about what's best for them, right? 

Along the way Xhi/Xir/it utterly baselessly and with zero justification accuses me of racism, and claims that I want women in the kitchen. 
Extra-points for skipping over any text in the section that was just too hard for them to twist around. 

But well, what else could we expect from Shitholes are going to be full of shit.

For the record, for those who might not yet own Lion & Dragon, there is NO class that is forbidden to women characters.

Women can be clerics, and are treated exactly the same in the order as men are, and are entitled to all the same respect (including being treated as knights) in society at large as male clerics.

Women can be fighters, in any social class.

Women can be Magic-users, though the Magister Collegiums don't accept women; which means women magic-users will have particular challenges and different backgrounds in society.

Women can be thieves, in any social class.

Scots Women who can fight are treated exactly the same respect by the Scots as men who can fight.

Cymri women are treated more deferentially than they are in society at large, and the Cymri consider women magic-users to be especially important.

Now obviously, if you want a fantasy game in which the world in which you're playing has 2017 Seattle/Portland Leftist values, then probably NO medieval-authentic game is going to be what you're looking for. 

But this in no way means that you will not be able to run L&D with women players, and have them face adventure and excitement and challenges just like male players will. I know, because THAT'S HOW MY GAME WENT. 

Unfortunately for the dirtbag posters and dirtbag moderators of "", most people are just too clever to fall for this kind of bullshit. Lion & Dragon as of today has dipped back into the top-10, and it has been part of the Top-15 bestseller list on RPGnow since it came out. That means it's now entering its THIRD MONTH as a top-15 bestselling RPG product!

I guess that's why they're all bothered by it.

Be sure to check out Lion & Dragon if you haven't yet. It's an awesome game, for ALL Gamers. And as I said before, buying this game will piss off all the right people!


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  1. People are getting wise to these crybullies. When I hear something is -ist or -phobic, I immediately support it until shown otherwise.

    1. Well, please support Lion & Dragon by buying it, sharing the link to it all over your social media, or both!

  2. I remember some guy 'reviewed' Burning Wheel, and the entire substance of his review was complaining that the section on human lifepaths referred to the species as 'Men'.

  3. Since you have trouble with telling the truth, I am going to correct you.

    The person who got a week ban did not get it for supporting you or for wrong thinking, he got the ban for a personal attack and then ignoring the moderators warning.


    Most people were supportive, though a few said they wouldn't but your product because of the things you have said. that's the thing about that pesky free speech, there can be consequences for said speech.

    1. Sorry, no, you lying fuck.

      You had the guy I linked to engaging in Personal Attacks against me, and he's kept RIGHT ON DOING IT.
      Also, slander against my game.

      Meanwhile, the other guy was RESPONDING to that guy and others. Yet somehow the original perpetrator (who is STILL breaking the rules even now) only gets a 'warning', while the guy responding gets a BAN.

  4. @Truthsayer It's censorship by your ilk that make rpgnet such a shithole in the first place.

    1. It's their sandbox, it's their rules. Being able to make personal attacks isn't adult behavior, it's childish. If you don't like rules, don't go there.

      Free speech is great, but free speech has never been speech without the possibilities of consequences. He wasn't censored, he was allowed to say what he wanted to say, he just has to face the consequences.

      When you sign up on, you agree to their rules. If you violate them, you get moderated.

      The reason for my original post here is to point out the pundit's blatant lie (which isn't surprising from a pathological liar like him. I saw on therpgsite that a couple other people have pointed out the lie as well.

    2. You're the fucking pathological liar, you impotent shitsack.
      RPGnet is a place where if you are left-wing and hate the right people you get warnings, but if you like a game the mods want you to hate you get a ban.