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Saturday, 17 February 2018

My new Lion & Dragon Campaign: Highlights

So, today we played the second session of my brand new Lion & Dragon campaign.  This is the campaign that replaces the original Dark Albion campaign, which lasted six years and whose house-rules were the foundation for the Lion & Dragon rules.

The first session of this new campaign was largely about character creation, where we established the past history of the PCs and their families.  Like my last campaign, the players each had two characters.  But unlike the previous campaign, in this one I decided (because I wanted more connection for the PCs to the corridors of power) that every player would have at least one character of Knightly social class.

In that first session the characters:

1. Did some training, and the new players learned some of the basic mechanics in this way.

2. Went on a hunt.

3. Had an encounter with a strange fantastical creature.

And that was about it. Oh, they also had the PCs they played level up from level 0 to level 1.

In this session, which picked up right where the last one left off, the PCs:

4. Fought off some common bandits.

5. Visited the court of an Earl.

6. A couple of them got knighted, and one of them was invested as a Cleric.

7. One of the PCs, a Scots Man, got drunk out of his mind, committed some petty vandalism, was arrested and tried (I didn't expect a chance to use the medieval court trial resolution mechanics so soon in the campaign, but there you go)!

Luckily, the Scots Man PC had a venerable old knight vouch for him, gave a great speech before the judge, and had one of the other PCs (a knight) agree to take him on (and take responsibility for him) as a professional squire.  So he got off!

8. Headed off to patrol the border of the county.

9. Got into a big fight with a band of soldiers from a neighboring barony who's Lord had an ongoing feud with their Earl. Tragically, the venerable knight who was their mentor died in the fight; of course that was luck of the dice and not predetermined, but it sure fit the "heroes journey" motif.

Anyways, it was a really great session in what looks to be a really great campaign.  The PCs got to learn a lot of local folklore, a lot about the game, and a lot about how they need to behave in a Medieval-Authentic setting. They all got seriously into it.

I imagine I'll be doing some more updates as we go along.  Meanwhile, be sure to pick up Lion & Dragon if you want to enjoy the same kinds of Medieval Authentic awesomeness! 


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  1. No so detailed campaign journal then ? Too bad, I would have liked reading what you do with your game.

    1. Well, there'll continue to be details like I'm doing now. I just can't write full-blown campaign summaries for all my games. This is one that I think I'm better off doing highlights of; enough to give people an idea of what they can do in their L&D games!