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Friday, 9 February 2018

OK, so you got Lion & Dragon... now What?

Let's say you're the proud owner of Lion & Dragon, the best new OSR Medieval-Authentic RPG that's causing a revolution of medievalism in the old-school gaming world.  I mean, of course you would! It's already a Silver Bestseller and is on its 3rd month of being on RPGnow's top-10 bestseller list!

And you've read the book, love it, and already have a game planned. But if there's one thing I know about old-school gamers, is that they love additional material and support.  I generally make games as single-book products and that's it. I had tons of people asking if Lords of Olympus or Arrows of Indra would ever get supplements. And hey, never say never but it looks unlikely.

But I've sure smartened up since then.  Lion & Dragon already had supplements ready for it when the book came out. And now it's got more than ever, and there's still more coming! So here's a breakdown of what's available now, and what you should get if you want MORE than just the L&D rulebook:

1. Dark Albion

The most obvious choice is this awesome huge Medieval-Authentic setting. If you liked L&D, odds are very high you'll like Dark Albion. Note, maybe 15-20% of the stuff in the L&D book is in Albion too, but the other parts are well worth the additional material. You get rules on domain management and mass warfare, more details on law and justice, a gazetteer of the lands of Albion (fantasy authentic-medieval England), complete details on the Rose War, and much more. Click the link above to get information about how to get it in hardback (original or alternate cover), paperback, or PDF.

2. Cults of Chaos

Cults of Chaos is another obvious choice for Lion & Dragon players! In this sourcebook you'll get the most detailed set of rules and random tables to generate evil cults, sects, heresies, occult frauds and other sinister groups of Chaos. The generation system is set up to work along the lines of social class, and no two cults will ever be alike!  There's also rules on chaos mutation, lots of additional material on cults including details on several of the major cults or heresies through history, and an appendix with more material about the Elves. This book is practically an adventure-making machine since cults come with motivations and complications. If you're not interested in the Albion setting and you only get one book for L&D, this is the one! Available in softcover or PDF!

3. The Child Eaters

This is a 9 page adventure scenario supplement is about a witch-cult and the danger it represents to a border area. It's a great introductory adventure. Available on PDF for just $1.99

4. Three Medieval-Authentic Grimoires

5. The Book of the Art of Hours 

6. Two More Medieval-Authentic Grimoires

7. Advanced Medieval-Authentic Astrology

These four books will expand the magic system for you, expanding the possibilities of what medieval-authentic magic can do! They're all short supplements, some of them as cheap as 99 cents!

8. The Secret Order of the Red Lady

Another adventure-scenario for L&D, this 12-page module details a sinister aristocratic cult with a strange secret!

9. The Hunters

One more adventure, this one features a group of famous heroes and monster hunters. But could they actually be involved with the mysterious disappearance of several children near their manor?

And all that's just what we have for now! In a future post I'll have to remember to let you know a bit about the L&D products that will be coming out in the near future.

Finally, you're going to want somewhere to talk about L&D.  You can do that on theRPGsite if you did forums (you can also talk about all kinds of other RPGs). It's also where I'll gladly answer any of your questions about the game.

If you'd rather chat on G+, you can find lots of interesting Dark Albion and Lion & Dragon discussion in the Community of the same name!

So, that's it for today! Spread the good word about Lion & Dragon and all the support it's already got.


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