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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Bill The Elf Has a New Familiar

So today I was going to post something totally different, but last night I went over to the home of Bill the Elf's player.  We were watching the season finale of Doctor Who (which was frankly almost ideal in every imaginable way), and eating one of his amazing meals.

But I also got to meet this guy:

That's Bill's new puppy, Benito!

He's pretty freaking adorable, though the tiny french bulldog moves around so much it was hard for me to get a clear shot.

That's Bill's other dog, Igor, who has been extremely jealous of all the attention the cuter younger version of himself is getting.

By the end of the evening Benito was all tuckered out, having fallen asleep under the couch just beneath my feet; he was enjoying biting at my shoes, being at that stage in dog-life where he wants to eat all the footwear he can manage. Though he especially likes Mrs.Bill-the-elf's slippers.

Anyways, that's it. And this probably qualifies as the most adorable blog entry I ever made.  I'll have to be especially mean to someone next time, just to make up for it.


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