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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What I'm Running Now: my "Short" Campaign

I have a habit of playing incredibly long campaigns.  The original Dark Albion campaign, which ended last month, was played every two weeks for the last 6+ years.

And it was great.

But in between my long campaigns, I'll run a lighter "short" campaign.  By "short" I don't mean what I think most people would mean by short.  My short campaigns run somewhere between 4 months to two years.

It largely depends on how popular the game is and how much momentum it keeps up, though I've also run some short campaigns that had a pre-set number of sessions (usually 12, or 20).

The new one I'm doing now has no limits, it'll be played until it either becomes unmanageable, unpopular with my players (no risk of that so far) or until my next long campaign (which will probably be Lords of Olympus) is ready to go.

So I thought I'd share what it's about.  The last while, I'd gotten a couple of "asian" themed RPGs for review. One was The Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, and another was Kaigaku. While neither of them have systems that I would want to play as-is (a question of my personal tastes, you can read the review links above to judge if they would be to your liking!), they did get me thinking about kung-fu/samurai action.

But I also wanted something not really "historical" or even "pseudo-historical", because we'd just come out of that kind of campaign.

So, in my new campaign, I'm making use, primarily, of the following books:

Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate
Red Tide
the AD&D DMG & Monster Manual
Hulks & Horrors

Plus a few others to lesser degrees.  All to make a campaign that's a little bit like this:

Yes, inspired by Into The Badlands, I'm making a martial-arts themed post-apocalyptic fantasy OSR campaign.

It involves rival houses ruling over a tinderbox of potential clan-warfare in a very changed Earth thousands of years after an apocalypse.  There's intrigue, politics, dangerous gaijin, mutants, and plundering ancient ruins for high-tech salvage in the wild and dangerous "Land of Forests and Mountains" which borders the empire.

The first two sessions have been awesome.


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