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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Lion & Dragon Update: Turns Out Well-Known RPG-Publisher is NOT Dead!

So, behind the scenes, I hadn't spoken to Dominique Crouzet, my publisher (from DOM publications) for Dark Albion and Cults of Chaos and upcoming publisher of Lion & Dragon, for over two weeks. I hadn't thought much of it, being distracted already writing my next project, but then when I sent him an email to find out what was up, I heard nothing from him.

And I continued to hear nothing the next several days. I was starting to fear the worst, that something had happened to him and I got to wondering how the fuck I was even going to find out?

But then finally he responded, and it turned out he'd been without internet for almost two weeks (sounds like French telecom is twice as bad as Uruguayan telecom!).  Anyways, today he sent me the first 25 pages or so of Lion & Dragon.

Holy shit is it beautiful. They layout is great. The art is great.  It will be reminiscent and yet not exactly like Dark Albion.

This may not yet be definitive, but the book will probably be about 160 pages. We're currently deciding what size we want to do it: small like the LotFP books, standard-size like the 5e books, or a size in between the two (which is what I'm leaning toward at the moment).  Let us know what you think.

Dom has also shown me six or so different possible covers.  There's three we agree are better than the others, and I expect soon we'll be doing a cover contest.

So, just so y'all know, here's the sum up: Crouzet's not dead, the book is moving up, it's going to be at least as pretty as Albion, and French internet apparently sucks.

Stay tuned for more news, coming soon!


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  1. Nice ! Regarding format, I believe you're looking towards comic book size like the most recent Savage World books ? That would be great.

    1. We'll have to see. There's a whole bunch of design choices involved and the final choice will be the Publisher's who knows this sort of thing way way better than I.

  2. Glad he's not dead. Looking forward to when this book will be available. I'd prefer the same format as Dark Albion so it fits on the shelf correctly. Also, watch out for typos before it goes to press. Dark Albion's only flaws are the typos and a few grammatical errors.

  3. I would prefer the Dark Albion format too. It feels more rpg to me.
    And good to hear good news about Dominique :)

  4. I like the book size you been using already. As long as the text isn't small, like it was in the last section of Dark Albion. Had to magnify to read. All the other chapters of that book had normal print size.

  5. Very cool, I'm looking for one system to playing Dark Albion.
    I hope your Lion & Dragon Will do it...
    I have thrust in work of Dominique, I bought all your Dom products.

    Post scriptum: no, the French Télécom is not as Uruguay Télécom; hé had to go to the country in the Middle of nowhere....;-)

    1. Lion & Dragon is designed for running Dark Albion.