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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Will I Make a Setting Book for my Last Sun Campaign?

So, a lot of you are big fans of my DCC campaign, based on my crazy and gonzo DCC campaign updates. On many occasions, I've been asked when I'm going to write up a setting book for the crazy and detailed world readers have only gotten tiniest glimpses of through those campaign updates.

Well, you're going to get one.  And you're going to get a setting book very much in the style of my DCC campaign: half-assed and at a snail's pace!

You may remember I'm working on a project of a series of very short RPG products, mostly supplemental material for use in OSR games, which I'm calling "The Pundit Presents:".  Well, it has for some time now been part of my plan to make part of that series a specially-labelled sub-series of explicit setting-material for my DCC "Last Sun" world.

And the very first of them is already done.  Not long from  now (well, if my Publisher gets into gear), you'll be able to have the very first Last Sun book: "The Hipster Elves".

Gradually, I'll be releasing a whole series of these, until the whole Last Sun campaign world is presented (in a process that may take years).

So stay tuned! And stay tuned shortly for more information about upcoming Pundit Presents products, and the reveal of who my publisher is!


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  1. Hipster Elves from the Rose Dome, great, right at the start.

    1. Well yeah, we have to start right at the beginning.

  2. I remeber someone sticking a wheel of cheese on the finger of a certain scorching ray shooting statue 😂

  3. I remember small detail of almost every session. This is a great setting.