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Thursday, 9 November 2017

DungeonChef reviewed by Gronan!

So Gronan of Simmerya, also known as Old Geezer, is one of the original Old School Gamers. He is one of the only people around to have played in the original Greyhawk, Blackmoor, AND the Empire of the Petal Throne campaigns.   In short, he's Old School Aristocracy.

And now, he's reviewed Dungeonchef, my issue #1 of The RPGPundit Presents, where I present you a guide to all kinds of crazy effects from eating all kinds of dungeon creatures.

The summary of his review? Gronan really liked it

This was a great surprise for me. I didn't send him a review copy, I didn't ask him to do this, I had no idea he was going to. Of course, I'm overjoyed he did, and that it met with his seal of approval.

So, thank you very much Gronan! And be sure to check out all the other great entries in the RPGPundit Presents series!


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