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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

RPGPundit Presents: Three Medieval-Authentic Grimoires!

Yes, issue #8 of RPGPundit Presents is already here! Geez, it feels like this started just yesterday. Anyways, this week we have something really special for you: a 15-page book, featuring three different Grimoires, all three based on REAL historical grimoires of the middle-ages, presenting interesting new abilities and challenges for the magicians who read and study them!

Check out:
The Ghayat-al-Hakim, with its planetary and stellar summonings!

The Clavicula, with its rules for summoning demons and bonding them to magical talismans! Also, rules for creating four powerful magic items.

The Theurgia, with its 36 "Spirits of the Aires", each of which can either reveal a secret, or grant a gift.

If you want some interesting new artifacts to add to your OSR, D&D or fantasy game, pick up RPGPundit Presents #8 for just $2.99 over at DTRPG or the Precis Intermedia Store!

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Stay tuned for more next week!

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