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Saturday, 18 November 2017

No Time to Write; Short L&D Update

I've had almost no time to do anything lately.

Anyways, I'll just update readers of my blog today: a while back, we did a 'reveal' of the Lion & Dragon cover.
Now, it seems that based on both some feedback, and receiving the proof copy, my erstwhile publisher Dominique Crouzet changed his mind.  The cover will now be something totally different.

I've been promised this won't delay the publication.  So we're still aiming for early December.
(this is the part of doing an RPG book that I hate; it always seems like after I'm done writing a book it still takes almost a fucking year for it to see print, and there's always endless delays at the end)

Anyways, I'll do a NEW cover reveal as soon as I have a new cover.


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  1. Here's hoping to no publication delays. If there are, it's a bullywug plot.