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Saturday, 11 November 2017

RPGs Now Have Their Very Own Fake-Hate-Crime, Sort Of

Today I'm an invited guest at a local gaming convention, so I don't have much time to write myself.

Instead, I'll direct you to this blog entry by Oakes Spalding, which is a neat little investigative expose into what is obviously a hoax perpetuated by a game designer I never heard of.  In any case, it seems this douchebag went and made up a Fake Religious-Conservative and wrote up a very stereotypical diatribe against the sins of D&D, which our 'heroic' hoaxer went on to "discover" and share all over Facebook.

A ton of people predisposed to think it true fell for it, but as Oakes pointed out, the guy made it up himself and did a sloppy job of 'discovering' it right after it was posted.

Silly gamers. The Puritans who think D&D is full of Sin these days aren't Baptists, they're the Social Justice Left. All the recent demands to ban RPGs or to claim RPGs are full of wickedness that must be purged has come from the New Totalitarians.


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  1. The only times I've encountered any criticism or judgement for being a gamer has been from the religious. Only twice and only once in the last decade, but still more than than none ever that SJW's have.

    I'm not convinced that egotistic self-promoting lies of Bos' online heroism are really anything to base left vs. right point scoring on. He just sounds like a tool who picked an easy lie to get attention from the gamer crowd.

    1. Really? What games do you play? because unless you're an SJW yourself, or a non-gamer masquerading, odds are the SJWs have tried to ban, condemn, or change your favorite games, or the people involved in making them.

      You just get to wallow in your blissful pig-ignorance because there are people like me fighting every fucking day to stop them.

    2. The last time I rand into any religious person trying to get me to stop playing D&D, or any major figure in the religious right (say, equivalent to Anita Sarkeesian in levels of national recognition) who was claiming D&D was evil was well over 20 if not 25 years ago.

    3. And since Jack Thompson and Hillary Clinton and the 'games cause violence!!' nanny-state crowd were also leftists, that means that the people persecuting games has now been leftists for longer than it has been right-wingers.

      Everyone who is graduating college this year has literally never had a day in their lives where it was mainly the right, rather than the left, persecuting RPGs.

    4. Some Christians still believe D&D is anti-Christian. This has had some effect in dissuading Christians from playing D&D.

      But it has had absolutely no effect on the mainstream hobby or, say, current D&D (5th edition) as a product. On the other hand, SJW influence has greatly impacted current D&D. The fact, for example, that there is almost no "skin" whatsoever in illustrations of 5th edition classes, a phenomenon which reaches almost comical proportions, isn't due to Christian puritanism but, rather, SJW intimidation. There's ten times as much partial and near nudity in the statues and paintings at my church than in 5th edition D&D.

    5. Does D&D not work unless it has titties?

    6. And no Pundit, I'm not an SJW, but I am fairly left-leaning. I'm English, pretty much standard.

      Being in the UK, you very rarely see rpg-bashing and the religious types are unlikely to care or say anything. That being so, I was definitely surprised when it happened the second time, back in 2008ish.

    7. "And no Pundit, I'm not an SJW, but I am fairly left-leaning. I'm English, pretty much standard."

      Translation: "I'm an SJW."

    8. Or, y'know, not.

      England is ordinarily a little more left than right compared to the U.S.

    9. That's what leftists like to think. That's why they were so bent out of shape over Brexit.

    10. It's amazing how quickly politics made their way into the discussion.

      Well, "amazing" might not be the right word here.

    11. Yeah, my point was that I didn't think politics had anything to do with the guy Pundit was bringing up...

    12. It does and you simply don't know how any of this works or what you're talking about.