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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

What's Happening To My Books on DTRPG

So, what's happening this week with my books on DTRPG?
Quite a lot, as it turns out.

First off, TODAY ONLY, Lords of Olympus is the Deal of the Day on DTRPG!

So you've got I think about 20 hours left to pick up the LoO PDF, which is an Electrum Bestseller, for just $5.97!

This is a huge product, with a complete diceless system inspired by the original diceless game, with a massive amount of detail about Greek Gods and Mythology, as your PCs play the sons and daughters of these gods and get caught up in their conflicts throughout the multiverse!

Meanwhile, I've also got news about Lion & Dragon!

I don't know exactly when it happened, it must have been recently, but Lion & Dragon has now hit Electrum Bestseller as well! L&D isn't on sale (I think DOM pretty much  never puts stuff on sale), but it is at its everyday low price: you can get the PDF for just $9.50, but the softcover is an even better deal at $15.81 and the hardcover a steal at $22.98!  There's combo deals as well!

Finally, it's on DTRPG yet (a ways to go still) but I wanted to tell fans that I've just seen the proposed cover to the Medieval Authentic Sourcebook I, the compilation of the first 25 or so RPGPundit Presents Medieval Authentic articles, and MAN is it a beautiful and medieval authentic piece of art by a talented Hispanic artists!

Anyways, in the midst of controversy this is all just to show you that the beat goes on, and there's still great stuff happening in the RPG hobby.


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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

RPGPundit Presents: Actividades Medievales Para Personajes de Exito

La edición española de la publicación semanal OSR creada por RPGPundit que presenta un tema diferente en cada número. 

Este número, RPGPundit Presents #44: Actividades Medievales Para Pesonajes de Exito, ha sido diseñado con escenarios medievales OSR de corte realista en mente, incluyendo Dark Albion con el juego de rol León & Dragón. En algún momento, los jugadores podrían llegar a interesarse en desarrollar a sus personajes de nivel alto más allá de las preocupaciones inmediatas de una sesión. Introduce en tu campaña costes de manutención, los precios de alquileres y viviendas, mendicidad, gestión de tierras, ganar dinero mediante habilidades profesionales, abrir negocios, llamar la atención de la nobleza y matrimonios/herencias.

Pueden comprar "Actividades Medievales Para Personajes de Exito" en DTRPG, o la tienda web de Precis Intermedia!

You can purchase the English Edition of RPGPundit Presents #44: Medieval Authentic Activities For Successful Characters here.


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Monday, 18 February 2019

Inappropriate Characters: Discussing the Zak S Scandal

So here's our latest episode of Inappropriate Characters:

In other news related to stuff we were talking about in the livestream, apparently D&D Beyond has now erased the names of ALL of the Consultants from their online PHB credits, as the way to bend over to SJW demands without risking a lawsuit for picking off individual contributors.

They're literally unpersoning people from history now. Because that's what the PHB credits are now: history. They're not a prize, an ongoing title, or something that can be undone. They represent something that actually happened: a bunch of us were hired to consult on the 5th edition of D&D. Removing those credits amounts to trying to rewrite history, and nothing else.

Congrats, Wizards of The Coast: you're Stalinists working at the beck and call of the little Stalins of post-modern progressivism, for whom truth has no meaning whatsoever.


Saturday, 16 February 2019

Inappropriate Characters Tomorrow

I've got hardly any time to write this, as I'm about to play some Lords of Olympus, but I wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow, 7:30PM CST, we'll be having another episode of Inappropriate Characters! 

We'll almost certainly be dedicating most of it to different aspects of the Zak S scandal, including the bad behaviour of certain individuals trying to opportunistically engage in vendettas or censorship over this.

And since Venger, Grimjim and I don't really agree on all points regarding this sensitive situation, it's bound to be an interesting episode.

So, be sure to tune in tomorrow and check it out!


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Friday, 15 February 2019

Classic Rant: "Real Magick" in RPGs: Tools & Talismans

First, once again, our foundational rule as always: in real world occultism, it's EASY to find occult knowledge, it's HARD to find anyone who actually engages in practicing it, because 90% of the people in the scene are armchair-magicians or posers or frauds or dilettantes, anything but people who actually work at doing magick.

One way to tell a faker from someone (potentially) genuine is to look at the magical accouterments they use.  Are they going around with a fancy-looking crystal-encrusted rune-marked perfectly-straight wand that may have been store-bought or ordered from Etsy?  They're 99% likely to be frauds (that last percentage point is just because there just may be some serious magician who has gotten to the level of occult talent that he doesn't have to give a fuck what he does, and also doesn't care about being mistaken for a poser).

(this one can be yours for $190 from the Magic Wand Store. I kid you not)

Are they using an wooden wand they clearly crafted themselves (or maybe even a metal wand they smelted themselves) with tremendous attention to qabbalistic correspondences? There's maybe only a 70% chance they're fakers.  Why so high still, you ask, given that clearly it's a case of someone doing something?

For a very good reason: collecting (or even making) the accouterments of magick does not make you a magician.  There are lots of people who, in addition to collecting an enormous library of occult grimoires (the likes of which would have made John Dee piss his robe with envy), also collect or even carefully craft the magical tools, the wand, the lamp, the altar, paint a ritual room, carefully carve enochian tables using authentic medieval methods, commission gold-trimmed robes and the most expensive frankincense, and so on, but then don't actually do a damn thing with them all.   Sort of like the guy who collects hundreds of RPG books and owns 17 pounds of dice (and probably posts like crazy on internet forums), but never 'has the time' to actually play.

(here's a "did it all my fucking self and I'm probably too busy making wands to do any actual magick" wand)

Finally, if your possible magician's wand is just a stick, there's maybe a 90% chance of being a faker.  Or better put, this is the scenario where the person in question is either going to be a total faker/poser/newbie of no value (probably claiming they're a 'chaos magician'), or a really impressively competent magician.  The guys in the middle, the eager-beavers trying hard to figure out how to do all this stuff, will become obsessive about trying to get every last technical detail right, following Golden Dawn rules or following the precise (often ridiculously difficult) instructions found in medieval grimoires. This is important, for the discipline needed to learn. Thing is, when you get to the level of adept suddenly all those tools have been largely internalized, as have the correspondences. And at that point you can do magick equally well with the simplest of tools, or even whatever objects you have at hand.  Aleister Crowley famously once did a magical operation halfway up a mountain using the stuff from his climbing gear.

Which brings us to the use of magical talismans.  A talisman is a term for some kind of physical object that was used in a magical ritual to imbue it with some kind of particular 'magical link' to an archetypal force, to achieve a specific purpose.   This is used to create a more lasting effect or for purposes you know you're going to need over and over again.

For talismans, the rule is exactly the same as with all the other magical tools and equipment: if it's all fancy and clearly store-bought it's almost certainly useless. If it's meticulously made (usually, in the case of western magical talismans, at least, out of some type of metal) with carved Hebrew characters or sigils, there's a (high) chance it's bullshit and a (small) chance it might be the work of some intermediate magician (and thus reflective of either a successful or unsuccessful operation).

(here's a fancy talisman, which means it probably does nothing)

What about the advanced ones?  Well, consider this: the most powerful of all the medieval grimoires (the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage) has a set of talismans in it (and guidelines for creating them or others of the same kind) that are so dangerous that they can only be used by Adepts.  These are the most powerful and effective talismans in western magick.  And what do they look like?

Like a slip of paper with a square full of letters on it.  Something that could be mistaken for a doodle, or an incoherent crossword.

The most advanced magicians usually make talismans that don't look like talismans at all.

They can only do this effectively, again, because as adepts they have completely internalized the power of Symbol.  The reason you need, when you're starting out, to follow the rules (and the reason why most rule-breaking 'chaos magicians' are kind of crappy in spite of tending to actually try to do magick more often than most other types of magicians) is because these outward objects end up acting as powerful symbolic aids in connecting your conscious mind to the True Will, and from there to those Archetypal Forces you're trying to work with.  This is another important rule of 'real magick': the more simple anything to do with magick is, the more advanced of a magician you have to be to do it right.  The most complex rituals, though technically difficult, are the ones you'll be most likely to succeed at if you're a hard-working beginner.  The "simplest" stuff (in terms of technical complexity) requires that you already have a strong background in the practice of daily preliminary disciplines and have internalized the symbols through a series of personal initiations and 'ordeals' (that is, shifts in your level of consciousness).  Trying to 'skip ahead' to the stuff that looks easier will usually just leave you in a dead end.

In a modern-occult RPG, you could have some rumor going around about some serious magician, said to own a talisman of an aspect of Jupiter that was revealed to him during astral working while he was working with a secret book (the "Second Book of Abramelin", which had been dictated to him by his Augoeides while working adept-level ritual).   This facet of Jupiter (who called himself Jupiter Celestion) governed work, discipline, labor, planning, enjoyment (in and of labor), and the creation of the material world (that last aspect would be particularly interesting, as it would permit the magician to manipulate the most basic level of material reality).  Celestion endowed this magician with a talisman that, when held and activated, would draw material wealth, never undeserved wealth but in the form of easy opportunities to labor at what one would most love doing.

Now, the PCs might wish to try to obtain this talisman, in essence cheating their way to magical power (that never ends well, mind you, but maybe they're stupid or something), so they try to find this guy's talisman.  They're looking for some kind of metal disk (tin, probably, since that's the qabalistic metal of Jupiter) with Jupiter-related symbols on it, or some other kind of fancy object. They fail to find it, maybe get caught.  Imagine their surprise when the magician chuckles at their naivete and reveals the reason they came up empty-handed: they were looking for some fancy piece of jewelry, but it turns out the Talisman of Jupiter Celestion is an 25 cent piece.


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(originally posted April 20, 2015)

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Wild West Campaign: The Retrial

In our latest session, the PCs were still in an increasingly-tense Tombstone. The Earp group, including the PCs, were in control over the town, but all there rest of the county was under Cowboy domination.

The PCs were still mourning the death of Jeff Young at the hands of commancheros; surely they were probably also thinking about how it was unbelievable misfortune losing one of their very best shots during these tense times.

There was some good news, however. Jim Jackson and his Scottish partner Smiley had come back into town after nearly a year. They were shocked by current developments, but quickly got back to working for Crazy Miller.

The Earps got a surprise when they were informed that OK-Corral survivor Ike Clanton, with the help from his lawyer Bill McClaury (the brother of the two McClauries to have died at the OK Corral), made an appeal to obtain a new hearing against the Earps, but in the town of Contention.

The argument was that Judge Wells Spicer was prejudiced in favor of the Earps and against the Clantons, and thus a new trial was called for. The PCs lawyer advised the Earps that the appeal was almost certain to be rejected. But the Earps were concerned that this wasn't the cowboys' real goal. Wyatt Earp figured that the whole thing was just an excuse to force Wyatt, Morgan and Doc (Virgil was exempted as he was still recovering from his injuries) to leave Tombstone and travel in open country where the Cowboys could ambush and kill them.

So Wyatt decided that the plan was safety in numbers. They got together a big group of men, including Crazy Miller, Jackson and Smiley, Kid Taylor, Bat Masterson, Buckskin Frank, and Turkey Creek Jack Johnson to ride out with him, Morgan, Doc and the lawyer to Contention.

Meanwhile, Other Miller, Texas Jack Vermillion and Sherman McMaster would stay in town, along with Deputy Marshal Charlie Bassett, to take care of the town and guard Virgil and the women-folk. Virgil, his wife Allie, along with Morgan's wife Louise and Wyatt's partner Maddy were all staying in expensive rooms in the Grand Hotel. Before leaving town, Kid Taylor had his wife Frances and their baby join the Earp family... and more controversially, Wyatt got his lover Sadie Marcus to stay there too, to absolutely no one's satisfaction.

The group headed to Contention ended up passing the night in Charlton, where there were quite a few cowboys, but Bat Masterson pulled some strings and the local "vigilance committee" of business-owners came to their aid, a vigilante group of a couple of dozen men kept watch over the Earp party to make sure that if there was a shootout, it wouldn't be in Charlton. The night went through calmly and the next day they continued on and arrived in Contention.
Contention was absolutely full to the brim with Cowboys, and the townsfolk were all in their pockets, so there'd be no help from friendlies here. Wyatt and Morgan decided to commandeer the Registry Office (where the hearing would be held the next day) and stay holed up there that night, ready to fight off any potential siege.

But it seems the Cowboys actually had other plans. Taking advantage of the relative lack of Earp lawmen and shootists in Tombstone, they went in and set fire to Other Miller's house. He wasn't in it at the time, mind you. As everyone rushed over that way, the lawmen suddenly thought that maybe the burning down of his house was a distraction. So they split up, and went to go protect Judge Spicer, Mayor Clum, and Virgil and the women in the Grand Hotel.

Other Miller took the latter job, and as he entered the hotel, he suddenly heard shotgun shots! Realizing they came from the lot behind the hotel, he raced to the rear door, even as he heard return fire coming from the Earps' window.
Other Miller got out the back door to see a group of four or five cowboys running off in the night. He shot in their direction, hitting one pretty badly and grazing another, but they ran away (and Other Miller, due to an old wound, couldn't run after them).  Virgil called out to him from the window that they were alright, that the cowboys hadn't shot through the windows and seemed to just be shooting into the air as if to intimidate them.  As it turns out, Other Miller was glad he hadn't killed any of them just then, as it might have made for a complicated trial.  Other Miller had no way of knowing it, but the cowboy he injured was none other than Phin Clanton, Ike's brother.

The next day in Contention, the local judge very quickly dismissed the complaint made by Ike Clanton. Wyatt and the group were worried that the PCs were going to be ambushed as soon as they headed back for Tombstone, so it occurred to them to take a turn as soon as they were out of view of town, and turn toward Bisbee.  They managed to sneak off that way, and got to Bisbee where the town Sheriff greeted them and had already worked along with Railroad men to get the cowboys out of the town.

So in the end no lives were lost this time, but everyone was pretty shook up. It was clear that a big fight was imminent. And when they got back to Tombstone, all the Earps were upset at their women being threatened. Realizing he couldn't protect her, Wyatt made Sadie Marcus leave town, and possibly walk out of his life forever.

Kid Taylor, meanwhile, realized that there was nothing left for him in Tombstone and he was putting his young family at risk.  His pride was the only thing keeping him here, not wanting to seem yellow and leave his associates when they were going to face the cowboys, but he had to put his family first. So he and his wife decided they would be leaving town next month.


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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

20 More Dubious Items of the Last Sun!

A while back I presented you guys with 20 Dubious Magic Items of the Last Sun.  It was a collection of 20 weird gonzo-fantasy items, of variable levels of actual utility, comic value, and weirdness.

But the Last Sun is a big world, and a sequel was called for!

In RPGPundit Presents #67: 20 More Dubious Items of the Last Sun, you get a whole new collection of these weird objects.  Including:

-The Fungusman Box

- The Brain Jar

-Beads of Neutrality

-The Theme-Song Potion

-The Legion of Super-Cool Teens Hoverboard

-The Messenger Chicken

-Magic Warhammers (of the Workshop)

-The Dagger of Teleportation

-The Wish Parasite

And many more!

If you're looking for truly strange and creative magical (and a few high-tech) items for your Gonzo OSR campaign, or with some modification for any other fantasy campaign, here's a product for you!

You can pick up RPGPundit Pesents #67: 20 More Dubious Items of the Last Sun at the Precis Intermedia Webstore, or from DTRPG. Either way for just $2.49. That's less than the price of a fancy coffee!

And while you're at it, be sure to pick up the rest of the great supplements in the RPGPundit Presents series:

RPGPundit Presents #1: DungeonChef!

RPGPundit Presents #2: The Goetia  (usable for Lion & Dragon!)

RPGPundit Presents #3: High-Tech Weapons

RPGPundit Presents #5: The Child-Eaters (an adventure scenario for Lion & Dragon!)

RPGPundit Presents #17: The Hunters (an adventure for Lion & Dragon!)

RPGPundit Presents #21: Hecate's Tomb (an adventure for Lion & Dragon!)

RPGPundit Presents #54: Medieval College Adventures (compatible with Lion & Dragon)

RPGPundit Presents #58: Expanded Prior History Tables  (compatible with Lion & Dragon!)

RPGPundit Presents #65: The Defilers (compatible with Lion & Dragon)

Stay tuned for more next week!


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