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Sunday 30 July 2023

Inappropriate Characters Returns TONIGHT!

 TONIGHT! 8pm Eastern Time! It's Inappropriate Characters! Join me, Venger and our new co-host Ryan as we start a new series, talking about news, controversy and other subjects in the #ttrpg hobby! Don't miss it!

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Wednesday 26 July 2023

Rule Zero is the key to the TTRPG Hobby

 Without Rule Zero, there is no RPG hobby. The people who are anti rule 0 were either traumatized by bad DMs, or have self-serving motives.

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Friday 21 July 2023

Miss Dragon Magazine? Check This Out!

 Do you miss Dragon magazine and the likes? Check out my flip-through of Mad Scribe Magazine no.1!

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Friday 14 July 2023

Tonisborg Slandered by Bad Actors

 Some people have been going around YouTube and Twitter claiming that Tonisborg is a "woke product". I'm here to explain their real motive.

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Sunday 9 July 2023

Crimes Against History

 The interjection of modern political propaganda into historical settings isn't just bad politics, it's also neglecting historical authenticity.

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Thursday 6 July 2023

Great DMs Need to do Practically Nothing

 The best games you can run as a GM are those where you have no idea what's about to happen in the adventure. 

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