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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Help An Orphaned Baby and a Fellow Gamer

 Help an orphaned baby & a fellow gamer! This is really a good cause. Please check out the video.

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Stupid Gonzo Ain't What it Used To Be

 RPGPundit Reviews: Cha'alt Fuchsia Malaise. Where I check out if this #OSR "stupid gonzo" setting is living up to the high production values and rampant stupidity of the original Cha'alt book!

Tuesday 13 April 2021

How to Make Authentic Myth in Your RPG World

 How do you effectively portray mythic lore in your #OSR #DnD or #ttrpg setting? Here's some tips to make it more authentic, complete with a detailed example.

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Crazy Wizards, Dead Dragons, and Woke Kickstarters

I talk about some of my #OSR products, and why SJW grifters can make big #ttrpg Kickstarters without any real risk, but regular game designers can't.

Thursday 1 April 2021

Racialist Propaganda RPG Settings are Always Stupid

 I'm sure I'll be pissing off a lot of people with this one. But racial power-fantasies always make stupid #ttrpg settings.