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Sunday 28 March 2021

Inappropriate Characters TONIGHT 7:30pm Central

 Tonight, 7:30pm Central, I'll be LIVE on the new episode of Inappropriate Characters, with our special guest Dollipip!

We'll cover lots of #ttrpg / #dnd news & controversy, including talking about #CandlekeepMysteries Check us out!
#osr #dnd5e

Wednesday 24 March 2021

RPGPundit's Tips for Making a Living Writing RPGs

 In my latest video, I respond to a bunch of people who recently asked me for advice about how to make a living writing RPGs.  The short version is: it's not easy. But I think there's some tips for having a better chance at success, the way I did it.

Friday 19 March 2021

SJWs say Queer D&D Book is the 'Wrong Kind' of Queer

 In the ongoing spree of #DnD SJWs turning on each other, a new Queer-themed SJW #dnd5e  book has been attacked, not by evil right-wingers but by other SJWs for being the "wrong kind" of queer.


Tuesday 16 March 2021

RPGPundit Reviews: Exiled in Eris

 I review the Exiled in Eris RPG, a gonzo setting, with a system that just barely fails to be #OSR 

But is it worth checking out? Find out!

Tuesday 9 March 2021

"Fat Self Care" is the Future SJWs Want for the Hobby

 I swear this is real. You can look it up! The same storygaming SJWs who claim that the OSR is bad game design and DnD is banal are cheering over "Fat Self Care", the game. It's got everything they would like to turn the ttrpg hobby into!

Thursday 4 March 2021

RPG SJWs Cancelling Each Other: Why not Jessica Price?

 This week there's been a series of scandals that has seen ttrpg SJWs vigorously cancelling their own. So why is Jessica Price untouchable in spite of having sold out to Wizards of the Coast?