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Monday 11 November 2019

A Great Actual Play Report From a Satisfied Lion & Dragon Customer!

So today I bring you a message sent to me on MeWe chat, with permission to reprint here, by Glenn. he'd picked up Lion & Dragon, and decided to use it to run his very first RPG game!  Note that I don't personally know this guy, and as far as I recall this was part of his first communication with me.

Check it out:

It finally happened. Four of the five people who expressed interest in L&D were available last weekend, so I ran a session zero and a short into adventure set in the Broads between Suffolk and Norfolk that I've titled "Black Shuck and the Bog Men." As a virgin DM, I woke up that morning like a man facing execution, but everyone had a blast. 

A couple of observations; First, everyone role-played like crazy. Mandy and Brandon did accents and gestures. Tom and Mark, on the other hand, more or less narrated their characters thoughts, actions, and feelings, and as DM I kind of bounced back and forth. Some of that may be self-selection--people who want to do OSR and L&D have an appetite for better role-play, but I think it supports your theory that you are almost forced to give your PC a personality when you can't be a tiefling, lizardfolk or a talking bird, or whatever. Second, I tried to to set the stage as organically as possible without any history lectures, but that took more time than I anticipated. It think that is mainly because the medieval world between 1450-1500 is a more alien place than Forgotten Realms. On the plus side, that lack of familiarity with the setting amped up the tension and made every encounter more exciting.

I am looking forward to the L&D Compilation. I've gotten a lot out of the material I've bought through the Drive-Thru RPG website. In particular, The Guide to Medieval Aristocracy and The Cult of Saints, were godsends when putting together my campaign.


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  1. What if I played a tiefling-lizardman and talking bird hybrid?