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Sunday 27 June 2021

Twitter D&D-SJWs Force Me to Defend the Gygax Family's Fredo

 The Twitter D&D-SJW blood-craze over a passing comment from a 90 minute interview with Ernie Gygax is forcing me into the uncomfortable position of having to defend the Gygax Clan's version of Fredo.

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  1. Hello there. I came here from YouTube. Love listening to your channel. While listening to the first video of your Rants playlist you mentioned about you having a gaming group if I am not mistaken.
    Could you please tell me more?
    My YouTube name is The Emperor.
    I am early 40's Latino.
    Grew up with AD&D in 80's and 90's. After moving away from friends the only way I played was with the Gold Box PC games, with my favorite being the DragonLance Trilogy. I actually transfered my PC characters to paper character sheets.
    I also have a large collection of Warhammer fantasy and Fantasy miniatures, but no one to play with
    I am interested in playing again.
    Do you play 1st or 2nd Edition?
    Other things to know about me, I am married to a wonderful Latina so there will be no inappropriate behavior on my part towards female players.
    My job leaves me only Sunday to play and even then, my wife and son get cabin fever so if I play, it needs to be in evening.
    Regardless, thank you for your time