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Wednesday 7 July 2021

How An Invisible College Campaign Would Look in Argentina

 Someone asked if in The Invisible College #OSR #ttrpg you have secret societies controlling entire countries:

I will point out is that with very few exceptions (I could see a scenario of North Korea or Iran's governments being fully in control of the Gormogons, for example), almost all areas of our modern world are currently battle grounds between the factions. That is, no single faction has total control, and in most cases of the biggest institutions (governments, for example) has even got majority control.

So as the conspiracy mechanics in the appendix to the game try to convey, different factions' power will rise and wane, and groups will use their power to try to fight it out, while controlling smaller institutions and movements and moving them as playing pieces in the occult war.

So I could totally see, for example, the Peronista party in Argentina being totally controlled by the Typhonians, while other groups would still be trying to stop their total takeover of Argentina as a whole.
So the Invisible College would be trying to control the pro-democracy pro-liberty movements in Argentina (like Javier Milei's movement),
the Black Lodge the far-right Argentinian parties and the military that still has pro-Junta sentiments,
the Gormogons control most (but not all) of the Catholic Church and powerful Catholic Lobby,
the Rationalist Gormogons the Communists,
the Choronzon Club controls most of the drug trade (in deals with the Santa Muerte Negra) and human trafficking,
and of course the Order of Thule still has secret nazi bases in the border regions of the country.
The Nemites might control the powerful Psychiatric profession in Argentina (Argentines go to therapy per capita more than anyone else on earth, and yet they only seem to get crazier and crazier, so that might be because the Nemites are running it as part of a plan to eventually turn everyone into bug-people).

Check Out the Invisible College:

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  1. I liked how you included details like the psychologists and everything (though I'd argue it's more about psychoanalysis - freudian pseudoscience which would later inspire the Frankfurt School - and psychology in general rather than psychiatry; which is actual medicine). Definitely include folk saints like La Difunta Correa, Gauchito Gil and creatures like goblins (Pombero, Coquena, etc.), Alma Mula, Luz Mala, etc.

    I'd also include the kirchnerist faction; but I can't take them seriously. Maybe the rationalists would feel at home in a "government of scientists".

    Anyway, keep up the good work, boludo. I've been following your work for quite some time and I think that's exactly what we need; OSR and calling out the woke bullshit which has even made it to our countries.