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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Doctor Who Part 2

Ok, so this post is a little bit late, on account of the fact I was over at my friend's house watching the second episode of Doctor Who.

And I have this to say:

1) It was one of the best dalek episodes I've seen in ages, and probably the single best Davros story since Genesis of the Daleks.

2) I'll repeat: Capaldi's Doctor is the Doctor I've been waiting for.  Like I said, he's like a mix between Jon Pertwee and John Constantine.

3) I've come to the conclusion that I really like the new Master. She was spectacular in this episode; no one will ever beat Roger Delgado, but Missy is the best Master since then.

4) I don't love Clara. But she's certainly a way more tolerable companion than Rose ever was, than River Song ever was, and than Amy Pond ended up being.

So yeah. Best season opener in ages.


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  1. Hell yeah... I think Capaldi is doing an excellent job. I hope he lasts for a few good years!