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Thursday 24 September 2015

Someone Reviews Something That Isn't Dark Albion!

I guess someone got a bit carried away; with the utter deluge of reviews (all of them positive) of my Dark Albion book lately, I suppose that it was bound to happen that someone would end up reviewing some other game of mine, either to look at my greater body of work or just by some kind of accident!

In any case, here it is:  a review of Arrows of Indra!  In fact, a really great review of Arrows of Indra!
Seriously, they made some tables and everything.

(and a lot of pictures!)

So if you got Dark Albion, and you liked my work there, you may want to consider picking up Arrows of Indra too, because I promise you it'll be good as well!


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  1. Nice review and a refreshing take on things by going the hindu route, i tip my hat sir :)

  2. Hi, thank you for linking the review here and at Google+.