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Tuesday 30 May 2017

On the Nature of Genuine Class-A Dumbfuck Stupidity

You know, I've met stupid people of all stripes over my many decades living on this planet. All races, all levels of education, all social classes; there's stupidity in all varieties and levels of human society.

But there's mostly only one group of people so utterly dumbfuck stupid AND so totally determined to REMAIN stupid that they will close their eyes and shout 'no no no' and refuse to even look at written truth that could free them from their dumbfuck ignorance: religious nuts.

Not just any religious person either; most religious people, even mainstream or even fundamentalist, even devout religious people of any religion usually are still willing to at least LOOK at something that contradicts what they desperately want to believe.

No, to be the kind that says "I won't even read that there thing you showeded me cause it's from the devil and it got the devil in it!!" you need to be a Bible/Quran/Gita-Thumping hooting hollering True Believer.
It takes absolute pigshit-ignorance to be that level of religious fanatic.

And that's what we increasingly see from certain breeds of online Leftists.  I've had several debates on G+ with a certain leftist who has repeatedly humiliated himself in discussions by not just being wrong, but outright refusing to read material, even firsthand-source proof of what we're talking about, if it doesn't come from the list of what he considers "orthodox" Establishment-news Media.  Material that immediately makes it obvious that he's wrong, and why and how he's wrong, to the point that he becomes a laughing stock to anyone following the conversation.

This guy claims to be an atheist, but he's really a religious fanatic. If you're so determined to cling to his dumbfuck leftist fairy tales that you're scared to even look at anything that could provide evidence to the contrary or that you're wrong, you're obviously not clinging to a rational set of conclusions about the world, it's not even a strongly-held conviction. You're a fanatical religious fundamentalist clinging to what your priesthood has told you. You're Boko Haram.


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  1. Mmmmh, coorect me if I'm wrong but it seems to me you're not prone to take into account what the mainstream media say because it is full of "fake news" and Leftist propaganda.
    The last American election did widen the divide between Left and Right so far that communication between the two seems genuinely impossible now.

    1. I'm not prone to accept the claims of the mainstream media. But I'm always willing to at least LOOK AT those claims. I'll read anything, to consider it, to analyze it, to make up my own mind, and if nothing else to at least be informed about the argument being made so I can make effective counterarguments.
      Whereas increasingly, on the Left, it's like they have an "index of forbidden books"; they've been convinced that they must NOT EVEN LOOK at those things lest their precious bodily fluids become contaminated or their souls possessed by demons.

  2. Well that was just vauge enough to be pointless. Pretty easy to come out on top when your audience doesn't have and won't be provided with any context.

    Also this rhetorical move of trying to label your interlocutor 'religious' outside of discussions of religion is tired and stupid. As if where to draw the line on the laffer-curve has something to do with transcendence.

    1. There is a certain kind of blind dogmatism that is almost always religious. It's kind of even more pathetic when it isn't, because at least the member of Boko Haram living in some African shithole believes that his place in eternal paradise is at risk if he opens a book other than the Koran, or a swamp-dwelling snake-handling Florida evangelist believes that even just listening to a heavy metal song or turning the pages of a D&D manual might lead to your being possessed by the devil and being doomed to eternal hellfire.

      While the secular religious fanatic is refusing to even glance at the Forbidden Websites because his masters at CNN warned him that doing so will lead them to think impure thoughts and ruin the Great Progressive Future.

  3. Yeah, this blog post is ay least 2 steps too far. You're painting the world with an 18" brush. Listen to both sides and then come meet me in the middle.

    1. If you don't OUTRIGHT REFUSE to read a link to Breitbart news as if just opening it will infest you with evil spirits, then this blog wasn't directed at you.

      If you are that type, then talking about "meeting at the middle" is sheer hypocrisy.