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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Clarification on Charlottesville

Just to be clear:

If some Nazi wants to march at my side at a Free Speech rally, I'm no one to stop him. So long as he doesn't try to turn said march into a Nazi rally, obviously.

But if someone wants me to march with Nazis, in support of them, because we "must unite the right"?

Fortunately, almost all the right feels exactly the same way. The New Right is a massive populist movement. It doesn't need to "unite" with about 2000 assholes who hate Jews and want to purge the impure for "blood and soil" bullshit.

You know who really needs that, though? The Left. If you watch the coverage of this shitty little rally at Charlottesville (dwarfed by 2nd Berkeley, and countless Free Speech rallies, or any Trump rally ever), they will desperately want you to think all the New Right endorses the gang of inbred cunts who were doing seig heils.

So remember that: don't fall for Fake News.


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  1. Boy, you are just a blamer aren't you...grow up. It is not all about " the left " doing crap.

  2. What about if a Nazi decides to drive a truck into a crowd at that rally? Yeah,vox didn't say anything about that either. Or is that fake news too? I usually agree with you pundit,but what happened there was wrong, and had nothing to do with free speech.

    1. I didn't say anything about that because I wrote this blog entry BEFORE that incident took place.

      Of course, I find it apalling. I can't sttand these nazi shits, most of the right can't stand them. I have no sympathy for them. My problem is that the Left is using them to try to pretend that millions of people on the right are Nazis.

      The Nazis were in Charlottesville ostensibly over a statue, but more importaantly their rally was entitled "unite the right", and they were trying to use the statue controversy to get other people on the Mainstream Right to come too and thus grant them legitimacy. NO ONE CAME. Only the Nazis, KKK, Aryan Nations, etc. No one in the regular right, be it Neocon, Theocon, Libertarian, Cultural Libertarian New Right, or the Trump movement went and joined these Nazi fucks.

      But you know who agreed with the "unite the right" sentiment? The Media and the Left. They're using these fucks to portray us all as Nazis in spite of our having denounced and disavowed them a thousand times over, and in spite of NONE OF US SHOWING UP to their little rally.

      Meanwhile, the Left repeatedly fails to denounce or disavow brutal antifa violence. The fact that a Nazi killed someone before an Antifa managed to kill someone was largely a product of coincidence, mingled with the realities of the Ctrl-Left's endemic lack of upper-arm-strength and their inability to trick their mom into letting them borrow the car.

    2. The media and the left aren't portraying the right as nazis...fucking please. What the media IS doing is focusing on the fact that the president ELECTED by the right (and who has included white nationalists in his administration) isn't denouncing the nazi/white nationalist activities and violence that resulted in death.

    3. "NO ONE CAME. Only the Nazis, KKK, Aryan Nations, etc. No one in the regular right, be it Neocon, Theocon, Libertarian, Cultural Libertarian New Right, or the Trump movement went and joined these Nazi fucks."
      ummm...because you were there and checked their alignment badges? I'd say it's a no brainer that all of those flavors you mentioned were well represented by the tiki toting turds.

  3. "If some Nazi wants to march at my side at a Free Speech rally, I'm no one to stop him. So long as he doesn't try to turn said march into a Nazi rally, obviously."

    Trouble is, that's what Nazis do, simply by their presence. If I see you marching and there's a guy in an SA uniform carrying a swastika flag marching beside you, I am going to think you are a Nazi too.

    1. Yes, you do have a valid point. If Nazis tried to "make it about them" by their flags or obnoxious behaviors (seig heiling or whatnot), I wouldn't stand for that either.

      My intention was to say if someone who is a nazi shows up at a rally for free speech in order to stand for free speech, then I won't stop them from doing that, and more than I'd stop a Maoist (weird as it would be to see one there). But only so long as it was about the free speech.

    2. The problem is a Nazi isn't there in support of free speech. The Nazi philosophy is the antithesis of free speech. Their aim is to take it away from certain groups... permanently in most cases.

      Any Nazi on a free speech march is there to further the nazi agenda not in defence of free speech. They are simply using the march to further their aims.

      Even if they aren't waving banners and shouting slogans, if they are identifiable as Nazis then they aren't their for free speech. They are using you and your march or rally to further the Nazi cause.

      If they are truly there for free speech than they are a very confused Nazi!!!

    3. Jg, that is the very problem with Democracy. You can end up voting yourself into a dictatorship if not careful. That is one reason many take the First and Second Amendments so seriously (Dictators usually try to silence speech and take weapons).

  4. Hate speech is not free speech

    1. Hate speech is very much Free Speech. Because if not, you'll have any old Totalitarian piece of shit deciding that whatever they don't like is "hate speech".

      "Free Speech is only what I'm comfortable with" is by definition NOT FREE SPEECH.

    2. I agree with the Pundit here, I don't like hate speech but all speech is free speech. People who spout hate should have the freedom to spout it. Others have the right to tear them down rhetorically and logically or to call them idiots and dicks, whatever.

      I don't agree with 'no platforming', if you disagree with someone or are offended by their views you can as an individual or part of a group with similar views engage with them and challenge them, attempt to prove them wrong using your own right to free speech. Or you can decide to not engage with them. Again that is your right.

      What you don't have is the right to do is to decide for others what they should or should not hear. You have no right to make the decision for someone else.

    3. Supreme Court disagrees Sebastian Spinella.

  5. I have to come out and side with RPGpundit on this one (surprising, I know).

    Republicans, conservatives, and the Alt-Right occasionally share white nationalist views. That doesn't make them terrorists, and that shouldn't get them condemned, banned, or criminalized for expressing their political views in public.

    That individual who plowed his car into a crowd of protesters was a fucking idiot and is being brought to justice. The death of that woman and the others who were injured is tragic. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    If a liberal protester at that rally had exploded a bomb or intentionally driven over people, would we be calling liberals terrorists? I hope not.

    As many of you know, I am not with Trump. I'm 10 times more likely to write FAKE PRESIDENT than FAKE NEWS. However, we're all Americans (well, many of us), and we all have to get along with a modicum of civility.

  6. I think the post gets things precisely right. Though I submit that many of the current crop of "neo-Nazis" are poseurs who don't really have or care to have a coherent set of beliefs. They're out for attention or because they have nothing better to do. And they may even get their kicks from being attacked or from being "misunderstood." "Real" Nazis, just like "real" communists will never get any serious traction in the current USA. But their pseudo-existence is used by other groups to smear their enemies, which of course is fine with the poseurs. It just gives them more attention.

    As for "hate speech is not free speech," anyone who says that is not in favor of free speech.

    1. I think the Nazi's and KKK had terrible numbers and now they just got a lot of media attention that might appeal to the guttersnipes drawn to their ideology.

  7. "As for "hate speech is not free speech," anyone who says that is not in favor of free speech"

    This ^

    Hateful speech is exactly the sort of speech that has to be protected, as once we start allowing it to be banned, who's speech is next. And who gets to decide who and what is banned.

    I sure as hell don't trust the Government to make that decision and I sure as hell don't trust my fellow citizen to make that decision.

  8. Hey Pundy - glad you found an Alt-Right crime that isn't a "false flag," you fucking cockwaffle.

    I guess it's awfully convenient you were able to scrub most of your political content from your board and your blog - would be proud!

    1. I have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

    2. Earlier this year on your message board you claimed:
      1) That Alex Jones was a credible news source.
      2) That "all" instances of swastika spray-painting and similar instances of vandalism were "false-flag attacks by leftists."
      When you were called on your horseshit, you banned those who called you out and deleted your pro-alt-right political posts.
      Ergo, you are a cockwaffle. Or fuckmuppet. Whatever floats your boat.

    3. You're exaggerating both your points; I said that in terms of politics, Jones is often a more credible source than the mainstream media. Not that he doesn't have his kooky moments. And I said that as far as I knew, all cases of alleged "hate crimes" had turned out to be either invented (like the three separate "right wingers pulled off my hijab" stories that the mainstream media promoted wildly), or were done by leftists (like various different swastikas or hateful slogans written on college campuses which turned out to have been done by the very people who reported it).

      As for the rest, I have no idea what you're on about. I haven't deleted any posts, and if I ever edited posts it was for grammar or to add material. If I actually ever change my initial position I add a note.

      So you're a shit-licking belly-crawling lying sack of human garbage.

    4. Right. A guy that claims that Jewish infiltrated the Charlottesville Rally or that the Sandy Hook shooting was faked, to say nothing of PizzaGate, is a credible person.
      You're either deluded or faking your online persona (much like Jones, who lost custody of his children because of his behavior).
      To claim that a violence-minded bloviator is credible by ANY standard just goes to show how desperately you're been grasping at straws.

      I have PERSONALLY witnessed multiple right-wing graffiti incidents at seminaries and churches in Ohio (aka Trump country), which were all reported by the CLERGY at those institutions. I'm sure that those senior clergy at accredited schools and mainline churches that just happened to have rainbow flags out front were just spraying paint for the attention.

      I'm sure that you're also going to claim that the murders of Heather Heyer, Rick Best, Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, Richard Collins III, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, etc are either "fake news" or "not hate crimes", the way you have in the past.

      You've also deleted multiple pro-Trump posts from this very blog, out of a pathetic attempt at revisionist history. As I said before, would be proud.

      Go stick your pipes in your ass and stuff them with your own lying, fake-news-peddling, demagogue-supporting words, because I just lit a fire under your shit-spewing self.

    5. As the Catholic church has amply proven, being 'clergy' does not immunize someone from bad behavior.
      And as we speak, Beth Fukumoto is in the middle of being caught having tried to make a fraudulent "hate letter" from a "trump supporter" when it was caught that the envelope for the letter was one of her own offices', to which she added stamps but forgot that postmarks exist. And she's a Hawaiian state legislator.

      The first person on your list of names was killed in an incident of violence during a clash that took place when Antifa members attacked a group of neo-nazis. I have no idea if the driver (who is almost certainly a neo-nazi, and thus a scumbag regardless) was intending to kill or just get away from the scene.

      Rick Best and Taliensin were killed by a mentally unstable Bernie Sanders supporter.

      The murder of Collins was most likely a legitimate 'hate crime' (inasmuch as that term means anything at all), in the sense that it was a neo-nazi who killed the guy, possibly (though not definitely known yet) for his race.

      The killing of Kuchibhotla likewise.

      None of which in any way disproves the enormous numbers of cases where leftists have faked or lied about 'hate crimes'.

      And again, you're fucking lying about me, so why should we believe anything you say? I haven't deleted a single pro-Trump post in my life. I'm still pro-Trump. I have no problem at all with defending all of my views. Selective editing, banning, and resorting to sockpuppetry or doxxing is the act of cowards incapable of defending their positions. As is making false accusations, by the way.

    6. Dear Shitmitten,
      Looks like you're wrong again - although you seem pathologically incapable of admitting as such, much like your Dear Leader.

      The sites where I personally witnessed swastika graffiti are religious institutions that have been around for longer than your pathetic excuse for an ideology has ever existed, and your comparison of them to the Catholic Church is an irrational based on talking out of your ass - typical Trumpoid.

      Aha, so you're admitting that these murders aren't "false flags" - good for you, you taint-sweat.
      Nice to know that you will acknowledge that cold bodies in the ground in the name of your Orange Fuhrer aren't "fake news", you shitkitten.
      You've joined the company of Mike Cernovich (who's advocated in favor of domestic violence), Dinesh d'Souza (a batty theocrat), Scott Adams (who's just plain crazy) and other authoritarians. Congratu-fucking-lations.
      Care to provide any source for your legion of false flags? I've got plenty of REAL MURDERS done in the name of your orange despot.
      And look! They put a Theocrat on ScotUS and are working on Theocratic laws, just like the last batch GoP dirtbags. So much for a "new direction for limited government" - you sucker, you.
      There's no difference between the GoP today vs. nine years ago, except that they're not getting as much done due to their senile boss.
      Aha, now that I've borrowed a friend's PC, you haven't deleted your brain-sharts on your message board. Glad to know that you at least stick up for your beliefs, even if they're still being hijacked by the creationists and Rapture-zombies (Pence, Sessions, Perry, deVos, Carson, etc).
      If banning is an "act of cowardice", why did you ban my account on the RPGSite?
      If doxxing is an "act of cowardice" why your obsessive fawning over Milo Yiannopolis, who doxxed a Transgender person IN FRONT OF A LIVE AUDIENCE WITH HER NAME AND PHOTO.
      You only say what you do being you're too fucking chicken to come stateside and see your sick worldview in action. Unlike you, those of us with a spine have to live with it.

    7. Well, first off, I was just in the US.

      Second, you weren't banned for your opinions, you were banned because you broke one of the ridiculously few rules theRPGsite has. It takes a serious level of effort to get yourself banned from theRPGsite, you're part of a tiny elite club of total fuckwits. Congrats.

      Third, the left is rapidly going the way of Mao's Cultural Revolution, which is vastly worse than anything or anyone you named above.

    8. What? Calling you on your bullshit? I quote myself:
      "If doxxing is an "act of cowardice" why your obsessive fawning over Milo Yiannopolis, who doxxed a Transgender person IN FRONT OF A LIVE AUDIENCE WITH HER NAME AND PHOTO."
      After all, your chickenshit ass is terrified of your personal information being revealed. Justify your pathetic self.

      Yeah, I know. Both coasts of North America are just great big reeducation camps.
      Meanwhile, PotUS has just pardoned a guy who ran a Prison/Death Camp in the Arizona desert for brown people.
      Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.
      Put your pipe in your ass - your head needs something to smoke.