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Friday, 25 August 2017

Pictures From Uruguay

I have just been through a long legal process here (which I'll tell y'all about in a future blog entry; basically, I got to actually identify a criminal in a police line-up), so I'm feeling like pointing out some nice things about Uruguay. Time for more pictures!

Here's the view from inside an artisanal ice-cream shop. Now, I took this picture several months ago, and that ice-cream shop no longer exists. But no worries, there's like two more that took its place. Lately, one article has described my neighborhood of Montevideo, called "Cordon", as the "Soho of Montevideo" (I think more like the Brooklyn of Montevideo, myself).

So in the summer months, a new place opens up pretty much every week. Of course, not all make it.

This was the decor in the interior of the ice-creamery.  It was neat. Also, they made spectacular milk-shakes. Unfortunately, their prices were high and the milk-shake portions were too small.

On my recent trip to the USA and Canada, I did not eat much ice-cream. That's because Uruguayan ice-cream is amazing. It's all italian-style, and super flavorful. Mind you, you don't get as many VARIETIES of flavors as you'd be used to in a North American ice-cream shop, but that's more than made up for by the quality of the flavors you do get.

And unlike in North America, you'll find some ice-cream shops sell beer!

In this case, a local craft beer.  When I first got to Uruguay, there were pretty much only 3 brands of beer you could even buy in most places, and a lot of places only had one or two of those.  But these last couple of years all kinds of small-production craft beers have started popping up. A lot of them crap, but some of them quite good.

Anyways, that's it for today!


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  1. I was in Buenos Aires and Iguazu ten years ago. I'm sorry I didn't make it to Uruguay.

  2. The beer crafting is getting better, and as the Pundit puts it, most are crap, but some really excel.

  3. How did you come to live in Uruguay? I am also living there. Which party do you support/what do you opine of Uruguayan politics in general, and what do you think about the whole marihuana shebang?

    1. Are you a gamer?

      I'm pro-legalization, I don't support any party, and think Uruguayan politics is shit. They're all shit.

  4. I am. I don't live in Montevideo at the moment. I will be moving there for my second year of university in 2018. Currently I run a weekend game of Star Wars FFG in Maldonado. Politically I'm more left-leaning than you from what I've seen of the blog, but I don't really support any Uruguayan party either. Fascinating to randomly stumble across you and see you're based here, haha.

    1. So your family moved here?

      Anyways, when you come to live in Montevideo feel free to get in touch. We have an English-language DCC game that's pretty awesome, and it's already got a hardcore Trostkyite player so there's no chance you'll be the leftest person there.

  5. Yes, I moved to Piriapolis with my family in 2008. Basically spent my whole adolescence here.

    I'll be sure to get in touch! It would be a blast to play in an English-speaking game. I've played in Spanish since I started DMing a few years ago in high school, and it's both frustrating and taxing on my vocabulary for any kind of description, haha.

    How long have you been here?

    1. Oops, didn't mean to start another comment tree, my bad. I remember seeing you on theRPGsite several years ago and remarking that it was funny to see a prominent tabletop blogger in Uruguay, then randomly recalled your existence while I was reading about an Uruguayan-made game (Portus Mundi) on a forum today.