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Sunday 13 October 2019

Medieval-Authentic Magical Stones

In the modern New-Age movement there's a lot of nonsense about "healing crystals", but the average new-ager would probably be shocked if they were ever to do some research (which they wouldn't, because they're new-agers) to see what the medieval magicians thought of gems and minerals and their uses.

In RPGPundit Presents #96: Medieval-Authentic Magical Stones, you do NOT get the  new-age nonsense about how amethyst is good for your butt-chakra. Instead, you get a list of different stones, along with a random table for them, some real and some that never actually existed, and the qualities of these stones based on actual sources from the Medieval "Lapidariums" (guides to stones and their uses, a popular topic in medieval "natural philosophy").

Did you know there was a type of 'false silver' that could be made into a potion that drives men mad?

A type of rare chrysolite that could glow like a torch?

A foul-smelling stone, that could cure impotence or make boiling liquid go instantly cold?

The most valuable stone in the entire world: the unique glowing stone that was once part of the Roman Emperor's crown, but is now lost?

A type of ruby that could set fire to wood when rubbed against it?

A stone that can cause nightmares when put under someone's pillow?

All of this according to the greatest medieval minds of the age!

Turn your PC's Natural Philosophy skill into its own lore-mastery of useful stuff, with this 16 page sourcebook. Just $2.99, RPGPundit Presents: Medieval-Authentic Magical Stones is available from the Precis Intermedia Webstore, or from DTRPG!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting topic. Just curious, do you pick them or does the publisher?