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Saturday 19 October 2013

Breaking Good

So a funny thing happens when you spend 10 years living in South America.  And indeed, this week is the 10th anniversary of my arrival here.

The funny thing that happens is that you start to totally lose touch with North American culture.  Of course, a large part of that culture comes to south america anyways, secondhand. But only some things, and sometimes late, and sometimes in different ways.  Geek culture usually isn't a problem, because geeks here go out of their way to find everything new, so we have Doctor Who and Game of Thrones and Star Trek and the rest here, even if Doctor Who isn't on TV (or wasn't until very lately) and Star Trek doesn't get into cinemas.

But other things get here late or not at all.  Its part of the reason why when the Wench and I watch Saturday Night Live we no longer recognize any of the musical guests, and 4 times out of 10 we don't recognize the main host.

So its possible for us that we could only have learned about Breaking Bad with all the news of its ending.   Even though its six years old, the Wench and I have only just started to watch it now.

And its fucking good.

But then, you knew that already.


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  1. It gets worse when you came from a small country with no global cultural impact. I've been in the US for about the same time as you have been in south america, and I barely know anything going on in my Danish home country, pop-culture wise.

  2. Oh I bet. I would guess that if I left uruguay I'd be totally out of touch within a month.

  3. So kind of a personal question, but do you consider Uruguay to be "home" now?
    After 10 years in the US, I still feel like an alien land sometimes, even though I can pass for your born and bred west coast american, but I also don't feel really danish anymore, other than certain broad progressive values.

    Rather than having two countries, sometimes it feels like I have none.

    Thats not always a bad thing, im not bemoaning my choices, just curious on your perspective.

  4. Speaking of good things: go watch Gravity while it's still on cinemas, Pundit.

  5. Curiously, I was reminded of a BB episode by the report you made at therpgsite of a session of Qin you GMed...

  6. I think I know which one you mean; I'm pretty sure that session actually happened before breaking bad existed.