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Monday 28 October 2013

UNcracked Monday: I love this... the Dongion

Whoever has done this is genius. Refined mockery of the Swine at its best.

My favorite? While the vicious cut at the hipster-party of storygamers was pretty good, and the outing of the secret storygamers project to do a new forum "free from the perceptions of status in the community" ended in abject failure (the Dongion headline? "Declassified Documents Reveal Indie Gamers' Failed Attempt To Be More Interesting") ; I think the one that takes best headline (thus far!) is "Bono Launches Campaign To Raise Awareness of That Time There Was a Nipple On The Cover of That Exalted Sourcebook".

Honorable mention to "Thousands of Activist Gamers Go Ahead and Take Columbus Day Off Anyway".

I wish it had been me who'd thought of this, but cheers to the person who did.


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  1. CoUld the left get back to labour issues instead of harebrain morality schemes?

  2. I do admit that I liked it better when they had harebrained ideas about economics rather than harebrained ideas about prudery.