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Thursday 24 October 2013

Raiders of R'lyeh: Arkham Occult Societies First Update

So, I've now started to really in-earnest work on the upcoming sourcebook I'll be doing for Raiders of R'lyeh.  Its a sourcebook about occultist groups in Arkham, and it was originally going to be an exclusive bonus for backers, though its theoretically possible that at some point it might become available to other interested parties who missed the boat on that one.

Here's what its NOT going to be: Its not going to be a collection of Mythos Cults.  I think there's plenty of those already, and that's the kind of thing a clever GM (or "Keeper" if you prefer) will be able to come up with on his own.  Not that there won't be any Mythos stuff at all in it, there will be, it'll be touched on in just about every entry; its just not the "star of the show" in this case.  Rather, the book is going to be a descriptive list of different organizations and personalities in the occult world of Arkham circa 1910, most of which will be entirely original and not from existing Lovecraftian canon; so Keepers will be able to do what they like, and cherrypick what they want to focus on.  These groups will be running the gamut from occult-frauds and hucksters to "mainstream" groups from the larger world of occultism (Freemasons, Theosophy, etc) to dudes (or dames) that are positively weird in some way or another.

And right now, I have to say I've had a very fun time working on designing Arkham's own Masonic Lodge: "Miskatonic River Lodge #76", of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts A.F. & A.M.
There will be quite a few interesting characters in it, as well as details about Freemasonry in general and its place in Arkham's society.

So stay tuned for more details about what other groups and individuals will be appearing in this book; I can guarantee that for a relatively short sourcebook, its going to be jam-packed with usable stuff for Raiders or for any Mythos-themed RPG.


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