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Tuesday 3 March 2015

Everyjoe Tuesday: Rachel Haywire Edition

I'm taking a day off.  But in my place, today we have the awesome Rachel Haywire, whose in-your-face defense of the principle of Individualism and personal Liberty makes mine look almost timid by comparison.
And today, she takes on our modern culture's shitty tyrannical market in the buying and selling of forced kindness.

(the author's actual pic, purely for reference purposes of course)

Check her out, and if you don't fall at least a little bit in love, you're clearly not my kind of person.

Given that Everyjoe has at least two women columnists (out of, like, seven of us total? So nearly one-third female columnists), and that half of its editorial staff (including it's Executive Editor, my immediate boss) are women, I think it makes it particularly stupid that some people are actually trying to defend the rpgnet-invented lie about it being an MRA-site.


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