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Sunday 29 March 2015

Traveller Campaign Update: Man-Toaster Love Edition

In today's adventure, the PCs brutally murdered a young boy.  Only he might not have so much been a young boy as a 200 year old crime-lord.  Or maybe a vampire.  Or a "space highlander".  Anyways, he needed to die.

They also went to a place a little like this:

and also fought some of these:

And a new PC showed up who was something like a cross between this guy:

and this guy:

And another guy who's a bit like this:

(you might not catch that reference if you're not familiar with South American comic books)

He's not very good in a fight, but he can talk his way out of anything. He also may have starred in a groundbreaking motion picture about man-toaster love. He became a dilettante nobleman mostly because he was left helplessly type-cast.  You know, as the guy who did it with an AI toaster.

Now they're all headed straight back to the last place the Imperial Intelligence forces were hunting them, right up to their doorstep in fact, all for the chance that they might be able to find the biggest haul of Ancient Super-tech So-Advanced-It-May-As-Well-Be-Fucking-Sorcery Artifacts in history, and presumably steal it from right under the Empire's nose.


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