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Friday 29 May 2015

Dark Albion Slogans

So, I may have been working a bit too hard.  On a number of things, including working quite hard on the proofreading of the PDF for Dark Albion: The Rose War.  As it is, I lay down to bed for a small nap and ended up crashing for 10 hours.    Suddenly I get up and its late at night; then I head out to grab something to eat and almost kill myself avoiding a speeding car.  I may  have to take it a bit easier, but work lately has been eating me up.

Anyways, it seems likely that sometime withing the next months y'all will be able to get your grubby little paws on Dark Albion, and of course our minds turn to promotion.   We'll have to have a website, a G+ community, posting in various forums, sending review copies to those few key reviewers that actually have a proven track record of good reviews (ironically harder for me to do with one of my books than anyone else, since I'm about 50% of the population of "rpg reviewers with proven track records").  And of course, banner ads, like the kind you can get at theRPGsite.
Because if you write an RPG, and then fail to actively promote it, you're just an idiot.

All this got me thinking about slogans that we could make, to fit with Dark Albion.  And certainly, we'd be fools if we didn't trade off a bit on the connection between the War of the Roses (the inspiration for Dark Albion) and Game of Thrones (likewise inspired by the selfsame english war).

A few instantly came to mind:

Dark Albion: The Old-School 'Game of Thrones'

Dark Albion: All Your Favorite Characters Will Get Killed Off Here, Too

(Trust me, your players will miss Warwick the Kingmaker; luckily, Richard Crookback is right around the corner to take his place as Machiavellian Sonofabitch of the Kingdom)

Dark Albion: Martin, by way of Shakespeare

Dark Albion: Kill a Mad King, Come to Power, Get Fat and Alcoholic

Dark Albion: There's This Exiled Kid of Royal Blood, and Dragons are Involved

(the game of thrones version is admittedly hotter, but Henry Tudor was not without his charms)

Dark Albion: We Have At Least Two Different Assholes Exactly Like This Guy:

Dark Albion: Lancasters Always Pay Their Debts, Too

Dark Albion: We Even Have the Original Version of This Insufferable Little Shit:
("This boy, though only 13 years of age, already talks of nothing but of cutting off heads or making war, as if he had everything in his hands or was the god of battle or the peaceful occupant of that throne." - that's not a line from Game of Thrones about Joffrey, its a quote from an ambassador about Prince Edward of Lancaster, who ordered two knights decapitated when he was 8 years old because he wanted to see their heads on pikes)

Dark Albion: The Rose War; "Game of Thrones", Original Edition.

(wait! Does this mean Tyrion will turn out to be the bad guy? Or that Richard III was really a good guy? Or neither??  Richard is at least as much Stannis Baratheon as he is Tyrion, and with more than a bit of Littlefinger thrown in for good measure)

If you want more, check this out:

Let me know if you can think of any other possible slogans for Dark Albion: The Rose War!


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  1. I have never seen or read GAme of Thrones aside from a few minutes when I was getting a free preview of HBO (or whatever channel) and then changing stations unimpressed, and flipping through the first book and then putting it down unimpressed, so I'd exercise caution in pushing the whole "My RPG is Game of Thrones!" thing as you may turn off more potential customers than you'd imagine.

    1. I somehow suspect you're in a serious minority in geekdom.

    2. I usually am as I am not very geeky at all. I think Firefly sucks too.