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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Pictures From Uruguay: Part V

Today it's the Food-Envy edition of "pictures from Uruguay".  Namely this:

That's a picture through the window of a local bakery.  It isn't a special bakery, its just one I walked by.  There's an local bakery like this pretty much every couple of blocks.

I have like four to choose from just within a two block radius of my house.  They have freshly-baked bread, sometimes still warm (if you get there at just the right time), sandwiches, and the above, which around here are called "masitas".

That's a shot from the inside, as they were kind enough to allow me to take a picture.  There's a wide variety of pastries of different kinds, small and cookie-like, salty, with fruit or jelly, and of course a huge variety with dulce de leche, which was pretty much invented here.  They're fairly similar to what you'd find in France (I can say that from experience) or Spain (from what I've heard).  They're nothing like the overpriced health-food hipster-product trendy bakery bullshit you find in North America.

And it's fucking cheap.  A loaf of fresh-baked bread costs about sixty cents.  A sandwich is about two bucks.  Empanadas (that's a savory pastry filled with meat, or cheese and ham, or cheese and olives, or other stuff) are about a buck-fifty each.  Those round pastries with chocolate and jelly on top and dulce-de-leche filling cost a dollar.  And the smaller masitas cost about eight to ten dollars a fucking kilo, and of course you can pick and choose any combination of them you like.

I'll just leave you salivating with that today...


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  1. Very similar to the typical style of bakeries we have here in Austria.

    1. Like everywhere in Europe I would say...

    2. Probably (though I don't know if that's something that you still see everywhere in Europe or if local bakeries have suffered the same fate as in North America). Anyways, for you Europeans or South Americans who have always had bakeries like this within walking distance, you'd need to have spent some time in the U.S. or Canada to get just how awesome this is.

    3. As you well put it, we are just too used to good things and we end up not appreciating their awesomeness.