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Thursday 11 June 2015

Famous Pipe Smokers: Special Edition

Today I'm going to talk about someone who was famous for being one of the greatest pop culture badasses of all time.  

He also smoked a pipe, but you know what?  Even though I could show pics of him smoking pipes on the set of Lord of the Rings, or as Sherlock Holmes, etc., I'm going to show this pic instead:

Because even though it's a cigar, I think it captures the man better than any pipe picture I've seen.

Sir Christopher Lee was a real-life secret agent who hunted down nazis for fun, and a fake global supervillain, vampire count, genius detective, mad pagan, Jedi master turned Sith, and of course Saruman.  Plus, a real-life heavy metal musician in his 80s.

His long-term enjoyment of cigars and pipes undoubtedly must have been responsible for his death at the tragically young age of 93.

Goodbye, Sir Christopher.  I can only hope I get as many years as you did of doing what I love and smoking what I like.


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  1. I can't be sad about him dying. He lived a fuller, more interesting life than almost anyone in history. I could only hope to do even a quarter of what he accomplished.



    1. sorry, is this of some relevance?

    2. You betcha. It's a great funeral tune.

    3. I would think posting to some of Lee's own Heavy Metal music might have been more apropos. I don't think this soft stuff is something he'd have liked to go out by.

    4. Just between you and yours truly, Sir Lee was too big of a person to be defined by simple folk like us (no offense intended). Were he to see people's reaction to his departure he'd probably say something along the lines of " quaint..."

      So in the end, it's up to us how we choose to mourn him, methinks...