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Friday 26 June 2015

Wanna Hire a Pundit?

So with Dark Albion finally winding down, and not feeling quite ready to take on my own next big game-writing project, I find myself with some space to do stuff.

Anyone want to hire a Pundit?  I'm a fairly talented game writer, blogger, writer in general, and Creative Consultant that can go through whatever project you're doing with a scalpel and figure out everything wrong with it, mechanically, conceptually, or in terms of presentation.

If you want me to consult on your RPG, or Kickstarter Project (Green Ronin, I'm still waiting for that email!), or something else (I can write about anything except politics, all my political writing goes to, just send me a message or email or whatever.  My rates are reasonable!

Remember: just getting my name on your product/project is going to generate lots of attention.


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