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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Amazing Reviews of Dark Albion in Print and Video!

Imagine my surprise and exultation at finding that today there was not one, but two detailed and awesome positive reviews of Dark Albion, from noteworthy RPG sources.

First, we have a glowing review from James Spahn. The James Spahn, the author of the best-selling White Star OSR game. Apparently, James had in mind to write an OSR game related to the War of the Roses himself, only to give up on that once he saw Albion.  That's how great Albion is.  All might not be lost, though; wouldn't it be cool if we could convince Spahn to write some Dark Albion adventures?  Go bug him about it!

How much does he like it? Well, you should go read his review for yourself, but if hearing that it was awesome enough for James Spahn to decide to shelve his own plans for a similar product isn't enough, consider this quote from the review: "Dark Albion is one of the best products I've purchased this year, if not the past five."

That's pretty high praise, when you think about all the stuff the OSR has done in the last five years.

But that's not all!  Today we also saw a lengthy and fantastic flip-through video review produced by Samwise Seven, whose RPG blog has been very popular of late.

Check it out:

This is pretty much as close as you could get to seeing just about everything that Albion has to offer before buying it.  If you had doubts about just what's in Albion, get to viewing and get a clear picture.

So, thanks to both James Spahn and Samwise for the awesome reviews!


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  1. I agree with Spahn. As an owner of the slick alternate cover hardback, I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed an RPG setting this much in a long, long time. Congrats to you and Dom for a job very, very well done. I look forward to your next project.

  2. Ok, I finally bit the bullet and ordered it from Amazon yesterday. Everything I've seen and read says that this is the type of setting I'd love to play in, will enjoy reading, but will never get to use because my group are a bunch of min/max powergamers. But I couldn't resist any longer. :)

    1. I hope - nay trust - you'll like it

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