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Sunday 9 August 2015

Traveller Campaign Update: Zombie Apocalypse Edition

This session began with the face-off between Grandfather and The Master, and to the surprise of the PCs, Grandpa lost. In fact, he appeared to get his ass kicked, his whole planet-city being blown to smithereens and the PCs just barely managing to get out in an emergency teleport with the help of a K-9 unit that was subsequently destroyed in the attempt.

Where did they end up? More or less here:

The PCs were aliens in a early-20th-century-tech rustic world, and worse still they realized that the only way out and back to their own universe was from a teleportation gate in orbit around a world that seemed to have no space vehicles.  Also, humans here are the peasant caste in a society ruled by the Droyne.

The K-9 had given them a hint that Grandfather had at least one 'agent' on this world, somewhere, but destructed before any more details could be given, and there were no clues to follow.

At this point, the Players figured that they were playing this:

With themselves as the little green men.

The PCs reacted to this in different ways. A couple of them wanted to high-tail it out of there by any means necessary. A couple wanted to reveal their alien identity in a society that was almost certain not to be able to handle it. One of them was this close to saying 'fuck it' and joining John Boy on the farm.
And one guy just snapped and pretty much turned into this guy:

Up to an including completely screwing up a meeting with a Droyne dissident who also happens to be one of the planet's greatest rocket scientists and (it turns out) actually has a primitive space rocket.  Stone age technology by the PCs' standards, but it might just get them through that stargate. Which is becoming all the more important, given that the PCs have now learned that with Grandfather dead, it seems his pocket universe is slowly collapsing.

In spite of the Chang among them, the PCs finally manage to win over the scientist, only to discover that they're actually not playing a session of "Roswell" at all, but rather they're in the middle of the start of this:

Only instead of zombie humans, it's Zombie Droyne they have to worry about.

Just when things seemed to be at their worst, and the PCs were stuck in a very "Walking Dead" kind of scenario of facing a horde of zombie-insect-aliens, they were found by Grandfather's "agent", and he was pretty much this guy:

(complete with cyborg bits, giant guns and "come wit me if you wahnt to live!")

So there was a glimmer of hope. Surely with Arnie's help, they could get out of the zombie infested capital city and to the distant location of the one space rocket on the planet.  Things were looking a bit better; they couldn't really get much worse, after all.

Then this happened:

Yes, if Zombies weren't enough, it seems the Master survived his battle with Grandfather, and now he's raining down Daleks over the zombie-infested doomed world.

Will the PCs get out in time?  We'll find out next session.


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