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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The First Dark Albion Adventure is Here, And It's Awesome

Yes, there's an adventure out for Dark Albion.  It's called "The Ghost of Jack Cade on London Bridge", and it's an adventure for low-level characters, playable with pretty much any OSR system (and modifiable to games like D&D 5e).

It's cooler than just an adventure, though. It's also a micro-setting of maybe the most curious little neighbourhood of London: London Bridge itself.  You see, in the 15th century, London Bridge didn't look like what it looks like today, it wasn't just a big open-air bridge you'd walk or drive across. It was covered in buildings, shops, and potentially all kinds of especially curious characters.  And that's what you get here, along with an occult conspiracy of sorts, that I don't want to get too much into in order not to spoil it.

The adventure was written by Dominique Crouzet, with a bit of advice here and there for yours truly.  And if you clicked the link above (if you haven't, do so!) you'll see its very affordable, in either Print or PDF.
And for $5.95 for the Print and PDF option, that's one hell of a deal for any 22 page adventure, much less this one.  It totally comes with the RPGPundit seal of approval!


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