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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Everyjoe Sunday: Fixing Islam Edition

In today's Everyjoe article, part of a whole series Everyjoe's doing this weekend after the horrific Paris terror attacks, I point out how we can stop Islamism by changing Islam, if we can just stop listening to the Cowards in our midst.

Please check it out, and if you agree, or disagree for that matter, please comment, and please share it on all social media you can!


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  1. While I do not agree with everything you write, I do think that you hit the nail on the head with this:

    "So this is the simple formula:

    A) We need to admit Islam has a huge problem with violence. We need to condemn that violence, without making any excuses for it.

    B) We need to acknowledge that there’s a lot of people in the Islamic world who want to change that, and stop throwing them under the bus.

    C) We need to channel a lot of resources into helping these people to be stronger, louder and more popular than they are right now.

    Because it’s only the anti-Islamist Muslims who can make change happen. The West can’t force secularism on a Muslim culture, not with guns or money, any more than any amount of guns or money could convince most Texans to convert to Islam. It ain’t gonna happen.

    Keeping on the way we are now is a recipe for a century of religious violence, and for countless lives to be lost in the West, the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere at the hands of these butchers."

    We are in midst of the equivalent of the Reformation for Islam - oppressive douche-canoes in power, using fundamentalist authoritarian control via religion, like John Calvin. We need to find and support the counters to such people.

    1. Thank you! If you are in agreement, please share the article with everyone you can!

  2. We could as the enlightened western secular powers not allow the less fortunate people's of this earth to get buttfucked by violent dictators of our choosing in an attempt to slay the collectivist boogymen you flail against. I have a feeling you'd much prefer to let an Isis rape camber (or the shah's for that matter) endure so long as your personal fortune does likewise.

    1. You're wrong. That mentality is part of the problem.
      But Western Colonialism isn't the 'cause' of Islamism. Its only something that has really not been helping at all so far.

    2. You're not at all willing to put any blame for the current political climate on the colonial powers? These 'progressive' 'peaceful' 'fair' 'elightened' 'secular' and 'rational ' states have killed more innocents and been complicit in their torture than Isis in there deranged lunacy could dream. The finger of Islam chosen, the violent hateful interpretation was chosen for them by political and economic circumstance, unless of course you think that those in the middle east and elsewhere simply lack the moral restraints and fortitude to chose the correct interpretation.

    3. Do you explain the creation of Isis by saying it was the spontaneous decision of moral cowards, or was it a direct result of US intervention in an unjust and illegal war.

      Sure you have a good solution, I'm not disputing that wahabist understanding of the text is a vile creature and must be opposed precisely because it is Islamist and terrible. My allies are secularists and those how are tolerant within Islam.

    4. I'm saying that ultimately Wahabism, and ISIS as a product of the aforementioned, is a creation of Islam. Inasmuch as the west has something to do with it, it is largely by the destabilizing influence it played on the region, first and foremost by an accident of resources leading to a disproportionate amount of power and wealth falling into the lap of the House of Saud. Second, because the Iraq war created an opportunity for a movement already well on the way to take advantage of chaos.

      If the cause was as simple as "the west did it", then the west would be able to solve it on its own. That's not the case. The west does need to change its tactics, both on the right and the left. But the main role it can play is in helping those parts of Islam that are the solution to oppose those parts of Islam that are the problem, in what is fundamentally a struggle happening within Islam.

  3. Right on rpgpundit!
    Succinct and encompassing.
    cant destroy the beast from without, it must be changed from within.
    The militant violent islamic meme needs to be displaced by other islamic memes.

    Your analysis brings to mind the Kubler-Ross stages of grief.
    Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and acceptance.
    None of which are useful except acceptance of the problem followed by action.

    Recently been reading Ghost Wars - Steve Coll
    Sure, the post-colonial circumstances created pissed-off people. But the well organised, funded, trained, networked, equipped, safe-housed militant islamic extemism has developed from the last proxy-plays of US and Soviet cold war, Pakistani support and Saudi money. Now that cancer is out control.