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Thursday 12 November 2015

Everyjoe Thursday: Doctor Who is a Libertarian Superhero

It's time for Everyjoe Tuesday Thursday!  It's a special edition, starring everyone's favorite Time Lord!

But I'm betting that a lot of people who really like the show don't get that the Doctor is an icon of Libertarianism.  An idealist, altruistic, optimistic kind of Libertarianism.  Which pretty much makes him the kind of Libertarian that people should see in action, and the kind that Libertarianism desperately needs, even if not all Libertarians think it's what they want.

The Doctor has always been a Libertarian Superhero. Last week, he showed it more than ever.

 "The data that was drained from the girl shows the Doctor's long association with libertarian causes. His entire history is one of opposition to conquest." -Doctor Who, "The Android Invasion"

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