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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Everyjoe Tuesday: Millennial Suckage Edition

So a group of student organizations is actually trying to lobby the government to please please take away their (and everyone else's) free speech rights. In today's Everyjoe article I ask why it is that millennials, collectively as a generation, have become so hopelessly messed up?

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  1. Relax, they didn't ban the free speech on campus, did they?

    There are limitations to free speech, beyond falsely crying fire in a crowded theater. Harassment, sexual and otherwise, is not protected by free speech and is criminalized. Speech is regulated in a work-place, and the management is obligated to root out any speech that creates a hostile work environment for anyone. Same applies to school campuses, but even more so.

    Students are pressured to conform to dorm norms, to drink, to spread their legs and give up their virginity. In the words of one college campus bus driver, innocent as they are terrifying (if you are sending off your daughter to college) - I see freshman girls, when the move in the dorms, and by the sophomore year, they turn into young women.

    College kids themselves can be terrible, when taken as a group. There is a tyranny of the cool and of the in crowd. You have to conform and jump through hoops to belong. College kids can ostracize very effectively, label and stereotype without even knowing it. There was a famous case, where a student secretly recorded his room-mate having gay sexual intercourse, and then posted it on the social media. The poor guy ended up taking his own life. They two miserable losers, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, were so desperate to belong, that they pulled off a stunt like that. Anonymous bullying and harassment, is the reason that they are trying to regulate speech on college campuses. The solution is not pretty, and it threatens the First Amendment, but can you think of a better way to deal with the problem?

    There is one other way to look at it - there was ugly left-wing student activism on campus long before Marx was born. It started almost as soon as the first universities opened in Europe. Those students, studying Theology, Medicine, or Law, quickly organized to defend their own self-interest - pushing to lower the cost of the tuition, struggling with professors over grades, and fighting with their professional boards to lower the standards required to allow one to practice in their chosen field.

    Campus is not the real world. It never was.

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