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Friday 21 July 2017

Here's Someone Else's Blog About Dark Albion!

Hey, I don't really have time to write right now.  I'm having a massive massive problem with one of my current projects, that I hope can come to a positive resolution. It came out of nowhere and is causing me a great deal of grief.

So, while I am busy trying to fix that, and I hope it can be fixed, I'll just draw your attention to this guy, who had already written a good review of Dark Albion and Cults of Chaos.

He's also now posted a good article covering the third appendix of Dark Albion, and dissecting that appendix. It was written by Dominique Crouzet, and presents a bunch of new classes for his "Fantastic Heroes & Witchery" RPG, for playing in Albion.

Anyways, go check those out if you're itching for something to read.


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  1. Just purchased the Dark Albion, Cults of Chaos and Fantastic Heroes & Witchery in PDF format. Will eventually review them :-)

    1. Awesome. When you make a review make sure to send me a link so I can take a read!