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Saturday, 1 July 2017

On Canada's 150th Birthday, a Message From One of its Political Exiles

I have been back to Canada lately. When I've been, I've tried to keep it a secret, because these days it would be entirely possible for people who don't like mean things I've said on the internet to use the current Canadian Police State to send me to prison for 'offensive speech'.

I was born in Canada, the son of immigrants to that country, the grandson of refugees. And for most of my life I was quite proud to say I was a Canadian, a citizen of that "glorious and free" land as our anthem puts it.
But it's not really my country anymore.  I don't see anything "glorious" or "free" about it as long as people are at risk of being imprisoned or having their lives ruined for exercising Free Speech.

Not while there are insane policies of criminalizing criticism of government policies, of criticizing the fantasies and fables of the dominant leftist elite, of criminalizing 'blasphemy' against a specific religion, or taking concerns about waves of uncontrolled immigration (something which has never been part of Canada's previously very open but very careful immigration policies) of people who have fundamentally anti-Canadian values and claiming those concerns are criminally-punishable "Hate Crimes".

So that's my message to my native countrymen on this birthday, that should be for celebration but to me just represents deep concern for how far away Canada has moved from "free" to an oppressive state that acts against its own people.

And I'm not the only immigrant with concerns.  Here's Gad Saad:

Happy Canada Day, while you can have it.


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  1. Blasphemy is a crime in Canada ? When I was living there everybody was taking potshots at the Catholic Church (the great oppressor of the Québécois).

    1. Oh, Catholics and Christians don't count. Neither do Jews.
      But try to criticize Islam...

    2. If it's about the motion mentionned by Pious Agnostic, I understand your concern. Still, it has nothing to do with a criminalization of blasphemy.

    3. Haven't we been over this already? The Canadian government already uses the kangaroo-court "human rights tribunals" to persecute people who criticize Islam. They have ruined lives by the exorbitant costs required to defend one's self in a court where no actual standards of Rule of Law apply, and where the accuser gets fully funded by the government while the defendant gets no compensation even if he should manage to be found not guilty of Thought Crimes.

    4. They also tried to imprison a man for disagreeing with two feminists on Twitter. He didn't rape them, assault them, threaten to harm them, he didn't follow them in real life, he didn't libel them (on the contrary, they libelled him by FALSELY claiming to the police that he was engaged in sexual advances on young girls), he JUST DISAGREED WITH THEM. And they wanted to send him to jail for 10 YEARS.

      He got off, this time, but his career is ruined (the court literally forbade him from being able to work at his career for three years while the court case dragged on), and he's almost a million dollars in debt, while his false accusers got off totally free.

    5. Two white guys got an unfair trial. Say it isn't so..

      But I understand your position. You cherish that Libertarian/South Park thing where you can say everything you want and, if anyone gets offended, fuck him. Well, that's becoming a thing of the past and as someone who gets paid by the government to enforce laws against hatespeech (though my 'customers' aren't who you might expect), I don't really have a problem with that.

    6. I do. I do because that's the foundation of ALL OUR OTHER FREEDOMS.
      I do so much that I think it is legitimate, if that right is taken away, for people to rise up, arm themselves, and murder people whose job it is to enforce laws against free speech. Because the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of fucking tyrants who think THEY should get to control what all the rest of us can or can't say or think.

    7. So whether you get a fair trial should be based on your ethnic background? Coming from Thomas "I Hate Freedom" Vanstraelen, not surprising at all.

  2. I think this is what is referenced: