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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Pictures From Uruguay: the Pundit's Cats

Last time I ended up featuring the new puppy the player for Bill the Elf got himself.  I figured this is pretty unfair to my own cats.  So, here's some images of them, in what ties for the most adorable thing I ever posted and is somewhere up there high on the list of laziest postings ever.

Here's the two of them together: Albondiga on the left, and Cletus on the right. They're twins, and yet astoundingly different.  Albondiga is the most intelligent cat I ever owned, also extremely athletic and energetic.  Cletus is by a long shot the dumbest cat I've ever owned (I seriously believe she suffers from some sort of cat-retardation), as well as being lazy and obese.

This is a closeup of Albondiga. She sometimes jumps from that window she's lying on over to the desk behind her which is something like 7-8ft away. If she were to screw it up, there would be a 10ft fall for her.  She's never screwed it up.

Here's Cletus, lying on her fat ass.

Albondiga, menacingly staring down at my gamers from her second floor vantage point.

Cletus, lying on her fat ass.

Albondiga, looking all dignified. 

And look! Cletus got up. She's occupying a significant chunk of my computer desk, begging for food. Also, she has a hilarious way of getting up there. Any other cat (Albondiga for example) would jump from the floor to the desk, end of story.  But Cletus is not able to make that jump. Hell, she can't even make the jump onto my lap.
So instead she jumps onto a very low-lying table, from there to a bookshelf, then walks all the way across the balcony and hops onto my computer desk. 

Of course, Albondiga has her moments of being undignified too:


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  1. Cletus has an attitude problem :)

  2. This is, possibly, the best blog post you've ever made. Ever.