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Friday 30 June 2017

Golden Opportunity For RPG Reviews

Well, as of right now, I'm writing one review (which should be done shortly), and then I have one other book waiting to be reviewed.

That has not happened in something like 8 years now.  I've never had a review pile that short, not in ages.

So, if you have an RPG product, and want me to review it, this is the moment to get in touch and send it!  Normally, I have a dozen books in the waiting list and it means a book won't get reviewed for like six months after it reaches my door.  But right now? Well, if you can get me a book before the other guy does, I could probably have a review within a month of when it's received.

And I know this won't last.  This is just a byproduct of the fact that I've become more reliable at pumping out reviews lately, plus the fact that it's those pre-gencon months where for whatever reason less books tend to come out. There's probably books on their way to me right now.  But still, if you want me reviewing your RPG book, this is the time.

Remember, I review every RPG book I get sent. That's a track record that any experienced RPG publisher knows is worth it's weight in gold just by itself (because so, so many assholes get review copies and then never produce a review!).  But besides that, of course, my reviews are detailed and thorough and (while definitely not unbiased) they are fair and honest.  And they get coverage on my blog, on all kinds of social media, and on theRPGsite's reviews forum.

Anyways, there you have it.  Get in touch on G+ or send me your email if you want to send me a product for review. Remember I only review print versions of RPG books that are currently commercially available (so no "beta versions", no PDFs, no "free editions").

 Send your book NOW, before the other guy beats you to the waiting list!


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  1. Looking forward to see your review of the book I sent you; another one from Stellagama Publishing should be en-route to you...

    1. I already had "These Stars are ours" when I wrote this. It was the one left in the pile aside from the one I'm currently reviewing. But literally a day after I posted this I got another one in the mail: "The Space Patrol".