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Thursday 1 June 2017

The Ultimate Galactic Map?

I don't have a lot of time today, as I have to go to a Masonic event later. That's the thing about Masonry, the further up you get the more stuff you end up having to do.

Anyways, I figured I'd just share along this map of perfect sci-fi stereotypes; the sort of thing you could pretty much use as-is (just adding some names, I guess) for a gonzo type of game.  I don't know exactly who did it, I heard it may have even been a product of someone from that other forum that isn't theRPGsite, but hell, props where props are due.


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  1. I was made aware of this map about a month ago. It is awesome, fits right in with Alpha Blue. Might have to VS the thing and do my own release.

  2. I think they did a similar one on TBP for fantasy cliches as well.