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Wednesday 14 June 2017

New Stuff For Dark Albion? Well, Yes and No.

I've had some people asking me if I have any plans to release any more future products for Dark Albion; which has been by far the most popular RPG product I've worked on (not counting 5e, of course).

Well first, I should mention what you can already get for Dark Albion. Aside from the main book, there's also the awesome Dark Albion: Cults of Chaos which is loaded with all kinds of tools for creating awesome and intricate medieval-authentic cults, sects, heretics, witches and more!
Then there's also the great introductory adventure, The Ghost of Jack Cade on London Bridge, written by Dominique Crouzet. It provides you with a fine first adventure, and an up-close look at the neighborhood of London Bridge in 1450s London.

Now, will there be more Dark Albion products in the near future?  The answer is actually "yes and no".

No, there is no plan right now for another book that will literally say "Dark Albion" on the cover. However, almost everything I am working on right now will be stuff that will have a direct utility to Dark Albion fans.

My next projects, depending on when their respective publishers get them out, will be chock-full of "Medieval Authentic" stuff.
First, with DOM (the publisher of Dark Albion) I'll be releasing "Lion & Dragon", which will be a medieval-authentic OSR ruleset that expands from the "appendix p" rules found in Dark Albion itself.
Lion & Dragon will also get rid of Vancian casting and replace it with clerical miracles and magister rituals that are directly based on Medieval authentic magic. It will have tons of medieval-authentic monsters, and magic items. A system for resolving medieval trials. Some expansions and changes to the equipment lists found in the Dark Albion book, and more medieval-authentic character creation and combat rule mods.

Second, with a publisher I haven't named yet but am about to, I'll be releasing a series probably called "RPGPundit Presents..." which will be a weekly release of short (2-8 page) supplements with a wide variety of stuff, for a low low price. About half of this series will be Medieval-Authentic roleplay products (the other half will be more "gonzo" stuff). Among those already written up are a guide to how to keep Vancian magic but make it slightly more medieval authentic (for those who don't want to go the full Lion & Dragon route) and three different supplements detailing one or more Medieval magical Grimoires and their uses.

So while there may not be a product with "Dark Albion" on the cover in the near future, you'll still be very likely to find a lot of material coming out in the next while that will satisfy your itch for more Medieval Authentic stuff to work with.


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  1. Sounds very good. I really look forward to Lion & Dragon.

    No Last Sun stuff in the near future then or is the more gonzo stuff about that ?

    1. All of the gonzo stuff I do, which will be half or more of all the supplements, will be about the world of the Last Sun. So in lieu of making one big setting I'll make a bunch of little stuff. At least for now. Maybe at some point I'll figure out how to write up such a vast fucked-up setting properly and capture the insane spirit of it.

    2. I believe the Crawling Under a Broken Moon guy did exactly that : first a zine and now he's working on a setting book...

  2. "Lion & Dragon will also get rid of Vancian casting and replace it with clerical miracles and magister rituals that are directly based on Medieval authentic magic."

    Sounds cool.